Joy Projects

“Real religion, the kind that passes muster before God the Father, is this:

Reach out to the homeless and loveless in their plight…”  James 1:27 Message

Introducing The Joy Projects!

The Gospel is good news to the poor! Following Jesus heart we’re happy to announce in 2012 the start of The COBH Joy Projects. Projects to touch the hidden, lift the broken, release finances to where it’s really needed.

Over the next few years we hope to expand into several new areas as we let the finances flow to the right places.

Kenya: Book Shine High School

Our first Support Project is the Book Shine School in KENYA run by Jack Oyieko. A school offering a place for disadvantaged kids to get a good education with a Christian Ethos. We went to visit the School in 2010 and since that time have been supporting them financially to expand the facilities and grow the School.

This is a great Project and we are blessed to play a very small part in impacting these kids lives.  They now have a much nicer building with over 100 kids, five teachers and are registering for the kids to do the national Kenyan exams. It’s growing!

Well done Jack and Team!

Here’s a video from our trip to KENYA with Jack- we saw Jesus do some amazing things

If you’d like to encourage Jack Oyieko directly you can email –

Bookshine High School <>

More Joy Projects Coming Soon…

We would love to expand and have more people involved. If you’d like to give money there’s a donate button on our website, or you can give yourself and jump onboard. We will be sending teams out in the future as God leads to spread the Joy! Keep watching!

Email us at 

One thought on “Joy Projects

  • Hi guys, how are ye? My name is Joy and I’m from Cork city, Ireland. Ten years ago, when I was 17, at a teenstreet conference, God specifically called me to Germany. Two years ago, having completed my teacher training in German and German as a foreign language, I moved here. I found the ID Netz a year ago and this summer I moved from the frankfurt area to the north coast, baltic sea, a town called Eutin, with a great church, leuchtfeuer. In November, a group of us are coming to Hanau to hear Justin teach. I was there last year and everything you preached was known to me, it was a confirmation of my experiences. I agree with what ye stand for and I want to learn more. Street ministry is also really on my heart for Germany. I’m a German teacher here and God has put me into the area of teaching refugees. It is a pleasure. I think it’s a new season of joy for Germany and it’s cool that I’m here. I’m currently taking back my joy which the enemy tried to steal, it’s been about 20 years of battle but I’m finally learning that we have the victory. I want my classroom to be transformed. I want angelic visitations, I want more. I would love to chat with you guys in Hanau. Thank you for your service and love for the Father!! I noticed that joy and the joy gospel is a big part of your message. Can ye train me up in this? 🙂 I’ll ask the Lord too of course, so here’s to riding on the clouds like the celts 🙂 love Joy

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