Would you like to help?

We (COBH Ltd) are a small company with a BIG burning heart!


God cares and there are solutions even to the most challenging situations of our time. Help is here! This is a new era where heaven is invading earth with joy and wonder and eventually whole nations will be amazed at how much God loves them.

Australia Tour with Justin Paul Abraham

We take this heavenly love to the streets and homes, to the nations and hungry churches where we have seen time and time again God loves the world, and still heals, still overwhelms hearts with joy, overcomes us with his very real beautiful presence. Jesus loves people and is ready to show us that love everyday.


We have seen incredible joy on the streets and in meetings as heaven invaded the ordinary and broke into moments of time to change people’s lives forever.

16991929_10212375900533918_324697335322543981_o-1Our message is that He is the Happy God. Heaven is fun. And we can experience it on Earth. In fact that’s God’s plan- that Earth would be flooded with Heaven. 


This might be a hard time economically and socially, but it is also a time of great grace, love and mercy, a day where Jesus is embracing us in our brokenness and longing, lifting us up with a Heavenly Dignity as a pure gift. Heaven has heard the cry and is responding. 


We love building family relationships with God addicts like you. Many have supported us financially and helped us take teams around the world, support emerging new voices, spread the Message of Heaven and help the poor. We truly love our partners, and we are encouraged that so many people want to be a closer part of our family through supporting COBH Ltd financially and through volunteering and coming on teams. 


We are so grateful and aware of your support, that you are standing with us that you are willing to take a risk on us. Despite our smallness we have seen out PODCASTS go global – for FREE with over 2.5 million downloaded teachings. Impacting ecclesia hubs across the Globe. We couldn’t do this without our COBH Ltd Partners like you, who fund this channel. You are our hidden heroes. 

Barri Italy

If you are looking for a family of people in which to invest, we welcome you into the COBH tribe and look forward to Jesus weaving and joining our destinies together as we co-labour to see this revolution rise. Like the Bible says those that stayed behind share in the reward of those who went out to battle!


much appreciation Justin Paul & Rachel Abraham

and the COBH team


If you would like to set up a monthly standing order into the ministry (COBH Ltd) then please email us at
We’d love to hear from you.

OR: you can use PAYPAL to make a one-off or regular monthly donation,
just click below! Thank you!

COBH Ltd is a UK tax-paying limited company – registration 9268254


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