Beyond Human from Company of Burning Hearts on Vimeo.

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Beyond Human was the most stretching, expanding intensive we have done yet.

Justin Paul Abraham didn’t hold back exploring the cosmic, physical and spiritual implications of being united with Christ in a NEW-KAINOS creation. It was stretching, exciting and expanding. Your head may hurt but your heart will burn with Love. You will marvel at the Gospel – we are a NEW being in a new world!

There are massive implication – consequences – of being joined together with Christ!

We have made the Gospel too small and aimed too low, there is a revolution coming now to change the Earth. In fact it has already begun. This signs are everywhere we are destined for something greater. Don’t hold back now on the shores dipping in your toes. Don’t let religion block the gateway. Plunge in without fear and explore the depths of Jesus Christ with us. Back to the Ancient Paths.

These seven sessions were filmed as we received so many messages from all around the world asking if we could live stream the event. Purchase one session or the whole intensive. Enjoy!


Living letters Session 1 from Company of Burning Hearts on Vimeo.



EXPLORE a brand new world of wonder – the hidden mysteries contained in the Living Letters of Light – following in the ancient Hebraic tradition, the letters of the Alef-bet are holy mystical beings, living creative spirits, formed by God before the Earth.

Karl Whitehead from Son of Thunder NZ. Karl has been mentored by Ian Clayton directly for several years.

Through this mentoring he has encountered the reality of the heavenly realms. In these powerful experiences he saw the Living Letters. This shaped his life, and provoked Karl to study the original language and traditions seeking understanding on the deeper ways of God. Karl brings this ancient mystical truth with humour, humility, love and joy!

This unique ancient language makes up the basis for the Old Testament. Understanding the forms, opens up our awareness of the sacred, mystical and higher ways of God.

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