Crazy summer madness!! ANOTHER NEW Podcast

LOVE to hear what you guys think of this one. I felt it was very special personally. I was caught up while teaching, and many of the words flowed poetically from being absorbed in Love. I was taken away and I pray the same happens to you guys.

By popular request – the JUSTICE sessions. One of our best Podcasts yet in terms of explaining the ECCLESIA and engaging the books of YHVH’ DREAMS. Poetic, revelatory, encouraging, this was a profound evening of experiencing the substance of Heaven. Justin Paul Abraham @ TRIBE in Wales.

BIG shout out to our PATREON and PARTNER family who make this happen. You guys are the BOMB! Seriously!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The excellent fade in music at the start and end is a sample from the inspirational IHOP Kansas live stream.– we love IHOP music.

Until next time! Have a great summer (or winter down south)!! Cheers COBH

(Want to join us for some FUN in IRELAND in OCTOBER? See below… Spaces limited!)