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Dare we go deeper? Will we tremble?! Join this intimate mentoring session on Ecstasies and shocking encounters with God. Includes teaching on ascending in YHVH and engaging the Name, Mystic Prayer and biblical trances. Recorded at TRIBE in Wales with Company of Burning Hearts.

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Want to help Jane?


Hey friends! Quick update about our lovely Jane Schroeder. As you guys know she’s a radical people loving missionary and healing evangelist. She just goes without regards for cost or comfort! Right now she’s globe trotting around Asia on the Indonesia LOVE and MIRACLES tour. Touching lives with her friend Daniel Black and team.

I offered to put this update out to see if any of you lovely people would like to sow into Jane’s missions. She does it with a pure heart, shaping lives, spreading bliss. Often visiting people who have nothing to give. You can get involved and make a difference.

Jane says “Did I tell you I am super excited ‘cos in a few days, I’ll be on my way to Indonesia to be part of the Love Fest Global mission trip. We will be loving on the poorest of the poor, visiting orphan homes and revisiting the precious people in the leper colony. You can help us pour out ABBA’s love through prayer and donating to this trip. We truly can’t do it without your continual love and support. A big heartfelt thank you!”

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Love And Miracles Tour


Jakarta Indonesia 11th to 13th November 2018  
Ministry Children’s home 
Leper colony  
Bali 14th to 19th November 2018 
Conference 16th to17th called love and Miracles MorningStar Church 

BIG thanks from Jane and us.

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Album launch gig!! Whoop whoop!

Janine John and Band have done it!! The Crowd funded project came in – thanks everyone. RELOCATE is born! You guys made it happen with us. Janine has been busy with the team producing the album. I can honestly say it is a heavy bliss sound! You’re going to love it. Full of catchy, spirit expanding, presence saturated tunes. Yummy!

To celebrate the BIG occasion Janine and Band are putting on a wonderful evening of music, friendship and pizza feasting in WALES. You are all welcome to come and join us. In fact we’d love it if you came! Take a weekend mini-break to Cymru! 


You can get ticket at Janine’s website – http://www.janinejohnband.com.

The venue is very easy to find from the M4 Cardiff and has parking. There are tons of places to stay in the City and nearby. Let’s do this! 

We will all be there. Come party with us. Get fat and happy on pizza too!! 

Cheers Justin Paul Abraham 

Immortality Sessions in Store

One of the most staggering verses in Paul’s writings is this:

2 Tim 1:10

but has now been revealed by the appearing of our Saviour Jesus Christ, who has abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel (NKJV)

He destroyed death and showed us the way to have life. Yes, through the Good News Jesus showed us the way to have life that cannot be destroyed. (ERV)

Since the appearance of our Savior, nothing could be plainer: death defeated, life vindicated in a steady blaze of light, all through the work of Jesus. (MSG)

For the last year we’ve been teaching at TRIBE (our mentoring group in Wales) on the profound implications of the GOSPEL of LIFE and LIFE in abundance (John 10:10). For the SPIRIT of LIFE in Jesus Christ has freed us from the law of SIN + DEATH (Rom 8:2). What could this possible mean? 

This is a profound mystery Paul said, some of us would not die (sleep), but we would ALL be changed (1 Cor. 15:51). Paul believed it was possible to be changed without seeing death. Mind bending words indeed! 

Join us as we examine these truths and more in this new series. We’re starting to make more of this teaching available and now have 3 sessions in our store. There will be more coming soon. Keep watching. 

podcast regenerate

product perpeptuity

product logic of life 

If you’d like a FREE session check out the PODCAST below – this is a good summary session with many responding online. With over 47,000 downloads to date:

podomatic law of life

Expect more on this soon, as LIFE swallows up death, and we say again “Where o Death is your sting?” For whoever believes in Him will not perish (decay or come to an end), but have everlasting LIFE! (John 3:15-16). This is challenging, stretching and shocking. However, we must not skirt over the greater promises of scripture just because they are so out of our minds. With God truly ALL things are possible.

As scripture says, we will tremble with awe at His goodness in the last days (Hosea 3:5). Even our bodies will tremble and be included in this salvation bliss. The Spirit on flesh. The body is the Temple of the Spirit and it is priceless and beautiful. 

Bill Johnson says “We will know our mind is renewed when the impossible looks logical!” For us Life is beginning to look logical! Death is the enemy. The simple understanding is this – God wants His Kingdom to be on Earth as it is in Heaven. Heaven is ALIVE.

Truly we will again say, God saved the best until last! 

BLISS be yours!



*NEW Podcast LIVE

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NEW FREE PODCAST out today. This is fresh and heart engaging. 

This GENERATION is being called to join the upward flow into the Above Divine Government. In that place of grace to be clothed in authority and innocence by YHVH, learning to work with Him alongside angelic beings and learning partnership with the Saints and Councils.

This is wide open for everyone who has the courage to engage. It’s a NOW truth. Many will say “come let us go up!”. Recorded live at Spirit School with RisingHigher.net.

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Wine is ALIVE…. whoop whoop!!!


I don’t think there will be another 2018 UK event quite like this one!! Join us as we plunge headlong into the glorious Gospel of GRACE and JOY!! With happy song-poet Godfrey Birtill, legendary revelatory bliss-fest John Scotland, and the wonderful Bruno Zimmerli (grace theologian) from Germany! Yes ze Germans are with us! 


And of course JANINE JOHN BAND and the COBH team. Held in NEWPORT WALES. This is an easy to get to location right at the gate of Wales. Seriously this is going to be so much fun!!! Come join us for a great weekend. 


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See you soon friends!!

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Beyond Human in SPANISH

Excited! Beyond Human is NOW launching in SPANISH yipeeeeeee!!

I love Spanish… there’s a lot of passion and FUEGO!!

It’s now available on AMAZON, iBooks and Kindle.
If you have any Spanish friends let them know the goodies are ready!

MASSIVE thanks to Maria for the work she put into this. Great job! Also to Chris and team at Seraph Creative for working so hard to make this happen. 

THANKS again to our COBH and personal partners who make all of this possible!! Amazing. What you’ve given into us is changing lives all over the world. 

Cheers Justin Paul