Wine is ALIVE…. whoop whoop!!!


I don’t think there will be another 2018 UK event quite like this one!! Join us as we plunge headlong into the glorious Gospel of GRACE and JOY!! With happy song-poet Godfrey Birtill, legendary revelatory bliss-fest John Scotland, and the wonderful Bruno Zimmerli (grace theologian) from Germany! Yes ze Germans are with us! 


And of course JANINE JOHN BAND and the COBH team. Held in NEWPORT WALES. This is an easy to get to location right at the gate of Wales. Seriously this is going to be so much fun!!! Come join us for a great weekend. 


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See you soon friends!!

Cheers Justin Paul

Wine is Alive Postcard Balloons

Beyond Human in SPANISH

Excited! Beyond Human is NOW launching in SPANISH yipeeeeeee!!

I love Spanish… there’s a lot of passion and FUEGO!!

It’s now available on AMAZON, iBooks and Kindle.
If you have any Spanish friends let them know the goodies are ready!

MASSIVE thanks to Maria for the work she put into this. Great job! Also to Chris and team at Seraph Creative for working so hard to make this happen. 

THANKS again to our COBH and personal partners who make all of this possible!! Amazing. What you’ve given into us is changing lives all over the world. 

Cheers Justin Paul


COBH Store Update


It’s a beautiful day here in the UK, and the ‘Son’ is always shining!!!

Store update……. What’s New?!?

Justin has been busy, so there are some new yummy teachings in the store …….



Join the COBH Summer Advance 2018

With the incredible wine-carrier JOHN SCOTLAND and JEAN SCOTLAND
STEPHEN MCKIE from the Dove Company Scotland
and JUSTIN PAUL from Company of Burning Hearts.
An exciting 4 part series crammed full of fresh revelation and joy!
Recorded in an atmosphere of Holy Spirit moving on the people.

Hear about the NEW WINE
the HEBREW letters,
the Spirit of Truth
and Returning to Oneness.

£16.00  Click Here Order


Recorded in 2018 with Glory Company in England UK.
Building upon the first school in Wales, Justin Paul continues the adventure into KAINOS (new creation) realities:
“We stand full identified in the new creation, renewed in knowledge to the pattern of the exact image our Creator” Col 3 (Mirror Translation)
product beyond human horsham audio
Sessions –
1) Global Revolution – Part One    
2) Global Revolution – Part Two
3) KAINOS Creation
4) Angels and Us
5) Gospel of Life and Immortality
6) Moving in Space and Time

7) Q&A Session

                           £25.00 Click here to purchase



Hosted by CATCH the FIRE in Winnipeg, this was an explosive time of engaging the Presence of God.
Raw, inspiring and often amusing, this series has a big heart and penetrating truth.
Each session built up until there was a massive sense of freedom and joy in the room.
We hope these sessions fire up your hunger and faith for a new creation lifestyle!
*There are 7 sessions in this series.



Hope you enjoy the products, speak to you all soon.


From all at COBH. x






*NEW Podcast – ENCOUNTERS a mystical journey | Justin Paul Abraham

Hey guys! A second Podcast in one month!! Yes! 

product encounters

Many have been asking to hear more of our story. In this intimate session, Justin Paul shares on his journey from a little boy, believing he could go to heaven, to actually encountering Enoch and other adventures.

We think you’ll really enjoy this, and get infused with courage to believe for your own ENCOUNTERS with God. You are made compatible with the Divine!!

CLICK here for the PODCAST site/ or here to for iTUNES!

THANKS again to our secret army of PARTNERS. You rock our world! JPA

Let’s do this! Janine John Band


GREAT news guys… we’ve hit £6,605 on the Crowd Funder for Janine John BAND first studio recording! Thanks to everyone who’s donated and sent lovely messages.

It’s not too late to get involved. We have 12 days left on the clock! Our ideal goal is 10k to cover everything. Whatever comes in we will still make this project happen. Here’s the link to the website

Don’t forget you can also visit JANINE JOHN BAND and facebook for updates

Enjoy the Summer peeps!
Love ya! Justin Paul

Want More?


Remember you can also join Justin Paul on TWITTER – @WildFireRising

TwitterYou can also find us on iTunes, Spotify and Youtube. We’re posting fresh free vids. 

Still want more? We also have a PRODUCT store with extra teachings at: 
and don’t forget BEYOND HUMAN VIMEOS schools, we’re adding more Schools soon! Keep checking!

WANT to come to a COBH event?

OUR next joy-fest engagement of Heaven is called the WINE is ALIVE. We are going to have the legendary GODFREY BIRTILL bringing the party tunes, JOHN SCOTLAND the wine, and introducing BRUNO ZIMMERLI from Germany- a grace theologian who is bringing the message of a VICTORIOUS eschatology (end time)!! Yes this is going to blow your box! Whoop whoop! With Justin Paul + Rachel Abraham, Janine John Band and many of our friends. Come on!

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Catch you soon. Have a great summer break!




NEW vid – Janine John Band

Hey guys… we just put out this new VIDEO from the SUMMER ADVANCE 2018 to capture the vibe for the Janine John Band Project. It captures the bliss, the family, and the essence of our hearts at COBH. We are a community of grace, joy and riding on the waves of LOVE to Heavenly Heights. We are IN Christ and everything is new.

Take a look at the vid

We’ve hit 25% of the Project Budget, which is brilliant. But we still have a long way to go. To really do this album well it’s going to take 10 days of recording with the band, then post editing, mixing and production, finalising and creating the CD. It’s going to take 10k to do it right. If you’re loving COBH and our Podcasts and the vibe we carry, then come on friends, jump in with us on this one. Together we can make it happen. We have one month to go!

BIG thanks, JPA