Let’s do this! Janine John Band


GREAT news guys… we’ve hit £6,605 on the Crowd Funder for Janine John BAND first studio recording! Thanks to everyone who’s donated and sent lovely messages.

It’s not too late to get involved. We have 12 days left on the clock! Our ideal goal is 10k to cover everything. Whatever comes in we will still make this project happen. Here’s the link to the website

Don’t forget you can also visit JANINE JOHN BAND and facebook for updates

Enjoy the Summer peeps!
Love ya! Justin Paul

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TwitterYou can also find us on iTunes, Spotify and Youtube. We’re posting fresh free vids. 

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WANT to come to a COBH event?

OUR next joy-fest engagement of Heaven is called the WINE is ALIVE. We are going to have the legendary GODFREY BIRTILL bringing the party tunes, JOHN SCOTLAND the wine, and introducing BRUNO ZIMMERLI from Germany- a grace theologian who is bringing the message of a VICTORIOUS eschatology (end time)!! Yes this is going to blow your box! Whoop whoop! With Justin Paul + Rachel Abraham, Janine John Band and many of our friends. Come on!

Click here for more info

Wine is Alive 2018v5.jpg

Catch you soon. Have a great summer break!




NEW vid – Janine John Band

Hey guys… we just put out this new VIDEO from the SUMMER ADVANCE 2018 to capture the vibe for the Janine John Band Project. It captures the bliss, the family, and the essence of our hearts at COBH. We are a community of grace, joy and riding on the waves of LOVE to Heavenly Heights. We are IN Christ and everything is new.

Take a look at the vid

We’ve hit 25% of the Project Budget, which is brilliant. But we still have a long way to go. To really do this album well it’s going to take 10 days of recording with the band, then post editing, mixing and production, finalising and creating the CD. It’s going to take 10k to do it right. If you’re loving COBH and our Podcasts and the vibe we carry, then come on friends, jump in with us on this one. Together we can make it happen. We have one month to go!


BIG thanks, JPA

BIG news! Janine John Project!

Hey friends and partners of COBH!! We’re thrilled to announce today a NEW six week project to CROWDFUND Janine John Band’s first STUDIO album. YES it’s happening peeps! It starts tonight at 22:00 UK time (22 key of David)!

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 18.34.01.png

“Janine is a unique prophetic song writer and artist based in the UK, with Company of Burning Hearts. She has pioneered an energetic, life bringing sound with the Band that awakens the heart and soul. This is the first STUDIO album project. Our aim is to fund the studio for ten days recording with the band and production crew. To capture this pioneering music and create a beautiful new CD Album.  We can’t do this without our friends and family’s support. We need you to help us make Janine’s dream come true, and change the lives of people around the world with songs of hope, joy, union and heavenly life! Together we can make this happen!”

This really won’t happen without you guys pitching in with us. Myself and Rachel are going to help fund this, but we can’t do it alone. We’re asking for all you peeps that love our PODCASTS and the vibe we bring, to jump on in! 


It’s going to take £10,000 to do this properly. It’s Papa’s plan to do it right! It’s going to take generous peeps to make it happen. We know this! Crazy, wild, Jesus-loving peeps! I know that’s you guys the people who track with COBH! So come on COBH family. Click the link to check out the CrowdFunder PAGE:



We’ll keep you updated on the NEWS. Also we have some fresh videos coming as the weeks progress, including more interviews with Janine, the Band, Friends… and yes even with her husband Matthew John! Everyone is buzzing about this. 

lovefest2017105Let’s make this a summer to remember for Janine and the Band.

And don’t forget Janine’s own website – http://www.janinejohnband.com – for news! 

Bliss you, Justin Paul Abraham


Watch out for FAKE-book accounts!

Hey guys!

We just found two fake pages set up in my name Justin Paul Abraham. The mysterious fake-Justin has been messaging and friending people, pretending to be me! Some people have even had long message talks with them!! Ah well, they say imitating is a form of flattery! But please watch out for FAKES! There are many out there. This is the current image of the FAKE one –

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 17.03.04.png
Looks legit right? 

They way you can tell it’s NOT my REAL page is – the fake is much newer and doesn’t have thousands of friends or followers. It only goes back a short time. It is also not up to date with the latest posts.

Also if I’m you are my friend list already, I can’t ask you to be a friend a second time. It’s simple to spot the fakes. If you’re unsure just ask.

I’ve reported the fakes to FaceBook, and they took one down, but there is still one online. Here’s a video explaining what to do if you suspect a friend or page is FAKE – 

Stay safe online. There’s some strange people out there!

Have a great day!

Cheers Justin Paul

Summer Advance BLISS weekend!

Happy Summer time dear friends!! We’re just back from the SUMMER ADVANCE’18!
We are exploding with joy after the Advance 2018 with COBH and John + Jean Scotland, Stephen Mckie and the Janine John Band. It was so much fun. As C.S.Lewis rightly said “Joy is the most serious business of Heaven!”

36933422_1745883802196597_1458292223358533632_oThe messages were joyful yet weighty and significant. If you missed them we will get them on MP3 after the summer for you to listen to. I think you’ll enjoy it. John shared on the WINE, prophetic symbolism and the connection to the Hebrew letters. Stephen Mckie spoke on the Spirit of Truth, new oracles and conviction. Justin Paul on returning to the ALEPH, to Oneness, to Divine Union. 


36736089_10216631634884617_8445366138845528064_nThe Advance is all about friendship and we got to spend a great deal of time eating together, outdoor activities and watching ENGLAND football beat SWEDEN! Hehe!

Keep an eye open for NEXT year. This weekend is unique. Kids love it and you get to really know people beyond just a conference. We also go deep with the expansive sound of Janine John Band. Swirling into the Above into the Wine!

Don’t forget we have one last get together before the summer – BATH SPIRIT school hosted by Trevor and Ros Dunlop. If you’re interested in Ascending into Zion, and the Courts of Heaven come this Friday night. Last session of this run of Schools.
(*Thanks to all our COBH partners who help make all of this possible. You are ALWAYS in our hearts and we love you – the secret heroes!).
Happy summer time! Keep in touch. Speak soon
COBH team 


*NEW video LIVE: Mystery + Grace!

This is a massive message with BIG impacts… HOW do we handle an era of explosive revelation, mystery and wonder? How do we handle expansion? Join Justin Paul in the Philippines as we plunge into a new era of joy, unexpected events, and signs. 

In the second part of this message we launch into discussing MISTAKES. How did Jesus handle the disciples when they missed it? You’ll love this! He blessed them with a mega-catch of fish, gave them breakfast and asked Peter one question – Do you love me?

THANKS again to our dear friends who partner with us. You are the amazing hidden army backing COBH and making our resources available for FREE. We love you!