Crazy summer madness!! ANOTHER NEW Podcast

LOVE to hear what you guys think of this one. I felt it was very special personally. I was caught up while teaching, and many of the words flowed poetically from being absorbed in Love. I was taken away and I pray the same happens to you guys.

By popular request – the JUSTICE sessions. One of our best Podcasts yet in terms of explaining the ECCLESIA and engaging the books of YHVH’ DREAMS. Poetic, revelatory, encouraging, this was a profound evening of experiencing the substance of Heaven. Justin Paul Abraham @ TRIBE in Wales.

BIG shout out to our PATREON and PARTNER family who make this happen. You guys are the BOMB! Seriously!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The excellent fade in music at the start and end is a sample from the inspirational IHOP Kansas live stream.– we love IHOP music.

Until next time! Have a great summer (or winter down south)!! Cheers COBH

(Want to join us for some FUN in IRELAND in OCTOBER? See below… Spaces limited!)

*NEW Podcast out now – Deeper Still

NEW PODCAST! Some light hearted SUMMER fun… talking about the WINE, Ecstasies, and magic carpet rides!! Haha! Enjoy the summer. Enjoy the LOVE. You are precious and deeply valued by Heaven. 

I’ll be putting out some new Podcasts soon. We have many new sessions coming from South Africa and our other trips. The world is changing! We are so excited about what’s happening. We are in the time of consciousness awakening across the Earth. Shaping a brand new era for humanity.

BIG thanks to all our PATREONS and PARTNERS. You guys make this happen. Seriously, you are the bomb! I can’t thank you enough for supporting COBH Ltd, our TRIBE and family. AMAZING!!

Cheers JPA  

South Africa Tour – Justin Paul Abraham

Hey guys!! Hope all is well with you.

Amazing things are happening all over the world. We are connecting to people just like you, who are hungry, learning to engage heaven, in the Spirit and are expanding into new ways of thinking and seeing. We are in profound times of change and it’s only going to get more glorious!

I’m writing this in South Africa, and just wanted to let you guys know what we’re doing over here and to thank all our family who make this possible – COBH Ltd partners and also Patreon friends. You are the secret army behind COBH. I can never thank Papa enough for you guys. You are touching the Abraham family, the nations and making a massive difference to so many. We love you! BLISS you!

Here’s some of the schedule –

Very blissed to be with the infamous Hebrew theologian DR. O and the wonderful Kevin Hall (Savantage) – who organised the SA trip. Going to be an interesting, stretching, fun time!!

Please hold Rachel and the kids in your heart. They are so supportive of what we are doing.

Keep in touch.
Speak soon JPA

FRESH Podcast for the weekend! Enjoy!

expanded life

Challenging the status quo, we are journeying into a new era for humanity, where life swallows up death. Join Justin Paul at the TRIBE in Wales as he expands on the incredible, mystical, joy-filled message of the Gospel of LIFE expansion, health and the possibility of IMMORTALITY. At the end we do a COURT CASE for our bodies. 

The Music during the prayer is the talented Rob Townley HEAVEN SONIC. The final track is the new album RELOCATE by Janine John Band. Both are available on iTunes. Engage the frequency of LIFE!! 

Big shout goes out to our PARTNERS and PATREON supporters for making these sessions FREE and supporting us. AMAZING! You are our hidden heroes. With over 3.5 million downloads you are helping us redefine a generation. Let’s do this!!

screenshot 2019-01-13 at 12.29.26

If you like COBH and haven’t partnered yet, maybe ask Papa if you can join the fam. We are small team with BIG burning hearts! Come join the fun! Cheers JPA



Court Room Training @ COBH Prayer House

Back in 2009/ 2010, Ian Clayton introduced us to the Courts of Heaven. Over the last few years we have practised, practised, practised stepping in, with some incredible results – changing weather, crime rates, releasing healing, shaping our City, opening up the Welsh border, changing political dynamics, blocking evil, releasing favour, releasing Angels, and more.

It’s been a thrilling journey of relationship with the Trinity, the Saints, Angels and beginning to little, by little understand we are SEATED in HEAVENLY REALMS. We have the opportunity to participate. Paul saw this and said “Set your sights in things above” for “You have come to Mount Zion”. Paul saw Heaven not as distant but available now through “free access” where we “come boldly”. Paul said “Relocate yourself mentally”, shift dimensions and learn to function THERE because you are seated there, blessed there, wrestle and win there. Heaven is OPEN now. This is a wonder!!

If you are interested in learning more, I am going to do a series of teaching and activations at the new COBH Training Centre in WALES. Spaces are VERY limited due to the venue size. Email us if you’d like to get involved. We’re also going to try and film some of these sessions, so keep your eyes open for NEWS on how this will be distributed. 

Contact – Rachel/ Janine at for venue info etc.

USA NEWS and Podcast

Hey guys, I’m back from an action packed time in the USA. Things are really shifting now. You can see clear signs we are in a different era of ascension, expanded hearts, governmental ecclesia and apprehending the mysteries. There’s really no going back! 

It was an honour to be with Ray & Denise Hughes, also Paul Keith and Amy Davis in Nashville. Over 400 people in a charged powerful atmosphere. It was something! I would highly recommend getting the MP3 or video from Jerry Bryant our host. 


We had a LOT OF FUN!!! Haha! Joy is the most serious business of Heaven!

My second conference was in Seattle with SRC. It was called QAVAH and was based around entangling into the LORD to regain physical strength, energy and ascending like eagles. Amazing topic and very timely. I was joined by Arun Bulchandani an emerging new voice on bio-hacking and healthy living. The sessions were recorded on Youtube for FREE. Click here to watch – these sessions are big and chunky!! 


We recorded a PODCAST together with Darren the Pastor of SRC. I think it was weighty and consciousness expanding.  We talked about Earth coming alive through new technology, free energy, life expansion, protests and more. You’ll love it!

Screenshot 2019-03-29 at 11.17.27

Click here to WATCH the Podcast. Enjoy!

Our final session was in Gateway Church , Lacey WA. We joined Pastor Sung Han for a three day explosion of joy, stretching teaching and activation. Arun’s brother – Neel, a specialist in body movement taught on how to engage the body to bring healing and expanded awareness. It was unique.

I taught on TIME and SPACE again. It was a pleasure to meet Maureen and see the ‘time travel shoes’ which we’ve heard so much about. If you don’t know the story it’s really funny! The shoes literally zipped through time and were delivered through the post to her sister – BEFORE they were sent!! This is a picture with the shoes.


In fact they worked out there were both holding the same pair of shoes at the same time. Haha! It is a fun story! There’s lot of reality bending miracles happening. Get the MP3 to hear the whole thing. The story is on the TIME teaching session.

More news coming soon – including NEWS of the launch of our new PRAYER HOUSE in Wales!! Yes, we finally found our own space!! Whoop whoop!

BIG heads up and appreciation to our PARTNERS!! We honestly can’t do any of this without you. You have made a massive difference to us and thousands around the globe. You are the best!!

Cheers JPA

NEXT UK event –

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