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Mind-bending truth from modern day mystic Nancy Coen. This message is an invitation into transcendence! How far do we want to go?


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Beyond Human INTENSIVE

I think this is going to be the most stretching, expanding intensive we have done yet. I’m not going to hold back and we’re going to explore the cosmic, physical and spiritual implications of being united with Christ in a NEW-KAINOS creation. 


I don’t think there is another school like this in the UK in terms of what we’re going to cover. It will stretching, exciting and expanding. Your head may hurt but your heart will burn with Love. You will marvel at the Gospel – we are a NEW being in a new world! 

There are massive implication – consequences – of being joined together with Christ!!

We have made the Gospel too small and aimed too low! I fully believe there is a revolution coming now to change the Earth. In fact it has already begun. This signs are everywhere we are destined for something greater. Don’t hold back now on the shores dipping in your toes. Don’t let religion block the gateway. Plunge in without fear and explore the depths of Jesus Christ with us. Back to the Ancient Paths.  


You know you were made with a different spiritual technology. You are wired for adventure. Bored with the status quo. Wired to taste of the Power of the Age to Come. 

We ain’t seen nothing yet. The Saints are looking on cheering. Hoping we will go beyond them. Strap yourself in – this is going to be one wild ride!! 


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Daring to believe! JPA

LoveFest… what a weekend!!

What a party!! LOVEFEST 2017… here’s a short update… hope you enjoy it! 

This weekend we gathered in the Gate Art Centre, for two days of engaging the heavenly realms through sound, voices, dance and prophetic preaching. 


People came from all over the UK, some from Europe and even the USA. Expectation was running high and we were not disappointed! Many had deep and intimate encounters with the Lord. Here’s one blissful story from the weekend:

“LoveFest 2017 was awesome, at one point in the non stop worship I opened my eyes and I literally couldn’t believe that I was NOT in a heavenly realm, I simply expected to physically see angel’s everywhere as the presence of God I was feeling was so intense I felt I was going to explode or simply collapse. Some people may read this and wonder what I’m talking about, well go ahead and wonder, because God is wonderfully massive, and we are just tip toeing in the things he wants us to live in. Thanks to company of burning hearts and everyone who organised, played, sang, served. Cheers and keep running with him (Tony Egerton)”.

Isn’t that amazing?! Blurring the boundaries between heaven and earth. 

LOVEFEST2017(103).JPGJustin Paul preached on the first night on WILDFIRE revival. Sharing inspirational dreams and visions of what is here and coming, and youtube vids from prophets around the world that are saying “Go UK!!” bring it on! Massive political and spiritual shifts. 

16179819_1200647706686692_5074754542888577018_oThe Bands played seamlessly together – hour after hour of new sounds, passion, fire and glory. BIG thanks to Tab Life, Rob Townley, Janine John Band, Glory Company and Richard Lewis and everyone working behind the scenes. You guys rock! 


LOVEFEST2017(163).JPGIt was a great honour to have Godfrey Birtill back with us again. Godfrey’s prophetic songs have shaped our lives… a UK legend! He has tirelessly travelled around this nation for decades releasing songs of hope. Honk honk!! Much respect to GB!


Thanks to Tiffany Buhler (David’s Tent & Burn UK) for standing with us and sharing her amazing miracle journey over the last year. Powerful and inspirational… Love wins!

16112711_1234594553282760_1628514491150588471_o-1I’m sure the stories will keep coming in for months. If you were there – let us know what happened for you. Keep connected. These are just small steps towards a new era – shaped by worship, manifest glory, power and wonder. Eventually the spiritual landscape of the UK will look entirely different. It will never be the same again. 


LOVEFEST2017(105).JPGAgain, massive respect to Hadleigh & Non Hobbs and Janine John for leading and pushing forward with the vision for this unique Fest in Wales. Job well done!! LOVEFEST2017(161).JPGFinally we want to honour our COBH PARTNERS – you are vitally connected to this – you actually fund these events for us and cover so many of the expenses – we are massively grateful to you. You are the secret international army fighting with us funding the Podcasts, events, mission trips and our office. God knows.. Thank you! You are always in our hearts and we are praying great things over you all. 

Much love Justin Paul & Rachel Abraham

*NEW Podcast live/ LOVE+FEAR



God is the wildest, most loving and scary Being in the Cosmos!  History shows us, God reveals his nature to the hungry, people like ENOCH that had endless curiosity! This message is a radical invitation to move beyond the limitations of our time, to engage heaven and even the heavens above. Into the Mystery, Love & Fear of God! 

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Merry Christmas Friends!!


Merry Christmas dear friends! We love you all so much and hope you have a great holidays with friends and family. We will be sending a partner update out to all our lovely supporters in the next few weeks. But for now we just wanted to say how much we value you all.

2017 is looking crazy… with COBH mission trips to the Philippines, Japan, Singapore, the Middle East and more // our first UK retreat with Nancy Coen // the Jane Schroeder Seer School // the wild LoveFest in January // Living Letters 2 with Karl Whitehead // Lionheart with MorningStar Europe // a Catholic conference (in Italy) // Australia & USA tours // David’s Tent Germany // and the Beyond Human intensive! That’s not all either! There’s a lot going on… we will have to bend space and time to do it all!! Ha!

We are also eager to hit the streets and engage the hungry harvest out there. It’s been amazing seeing how hungry people are now in the UK. They are ready! Brexit is not just exit… it’s entrance into Glory Time!! We are pressing on for Europe’s Day… wildfire rising… we dare to believe the passionate dream of Papa’s heart. There’s a lot of prophetic destiny sitting on our generation. Bob Jones saw it and we believe it! 


Thanks for being a part of this story, supporting us, being our true friends, partnering and hosting us. We have such beautiful times all over the world. Everyplace has been unique. You are priceless!  

Big blessings, Justin & Rachel and the COBH crew x

(see you soon at LOVEFEST… start 2017 off with a BANG!) 


*NEW Podcast: Sons of the Prophets


There is a golden strand running through the ages – the Prophetic voice, the Council of God, oracles sent to lay foundations to establish heaven on Earth. Isaiah and Peter establish we are the “Sons of the Prophets” and the “heirs of the Promise” – that His word will not depart from our mouths forever!! Engage this life bringing message recorded at the recent Transition conference hosted in Bath, England.

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*NEW Podcast LIVE/ Wendy Alec


*NEW Podcast LIVE today… with the incredible visionary WENDY ALEC from GodTV. Wendy is one of the prophets that has shaped this generation, through TV, Books and Online Media she has made space for many voices, revivals and expressions of church to shape the Earth.

dsc_4303Wendy carries a massive ability to impart love, joy and compassion!! Hosted by Justin Paul Abraham, with guest prayers by Ian Clayton & Grant Mahoney. In this session Wendy shares her painful divorce story, ministers hope, and releases an atmosphere to encounter the sweetness of the Father. We love this! Check it out HERE




Thanks for journeying with us!

ADVANCE NOTICE: next summer – there will be a one year break from Days of Wonder. Instead we will be hosting a retreat with Nancy Coen & Justin Paul in July. It will be an amazing intimate time of living, eating and engaging heaven together. Nancy is a unique woman with inspirational stories! Spaces will be limited and we expect this to fill up quickly, so keep your eyes open for this exciting event. Details coming soon… Much appreciation COBH