Ecclesia Rising UK – Registration open

Ecclesia Rising Birmingham v2

Ecclesia Rising Birmingham back v1

This event was born from dreams and a Spirit pull over two years. Heaven is inviting England upwards to transcend and ascend into the Above to shape the FUTURE. Set in a lovely venue, this is going to be an unusual, unique time. Supported by the JANINE JOHN BAND this will be a mix of song, prophetic flow, teaching and engaging. Come join us and get wrecked on the goodness of Heaven! 

CLICK HERE to register 

Joe and Helen Hudson invited us to Birmingham and have kindly partnered with us to make the event possible. You can contact them with questions, or to get hooked up with the grassroots here – Let’s do this!!



We’re KICKING OFF a new 6 month series in BATH… starting this FRIDAY NIGHT. Hosted by Trevor & Ros Dunlop with Janine John Band, we’re going to build on the last SS series with engaging the Presence, Heaven, the Courts, understanding our destiny scrolls and more. It’s going to be a fun. It’s a FREE School. The venue has parking outside. Coffee @ 7pm! Get onboard, this train is bound for glory!! 

One: Update from GERMANY

Something BIG is happening globally. Everywhere there is this BUZZ about worship and a fresh wave of sound, energy and life coming through many voices. We are hearing DAVID’S TENT now. It is the frequency of Goodness in music, sound and spirit covering the Earth, raising the consciousness to higher dimensions in Christ. 

27355821_2019789348037663_1529418726256502871_oAs an experiment we agreed to collaborate on an event in GERMANY called ONE (EINS). It was risky and very different, but we brought together with our hosts many musicians to flow (from UK and Germany) and ascend together. Janine John Band came with us. Different voices, different nations, entwined in One Sacred Dance with the Trinity. It was a JOY fest!!


26993950_2342173329141415_2714935749473119947_nWe pushed it out in teaching on particle and wave-patterns, light, vibration, waves and breakers, spirit and breath. I really went for it and showed the inner-gateway technology our KAINOS race. Our ability to move and ascend in the Father’s Flame of Desire into the Cloud. Becoming One entangled community. 


Jane Schroeder led an afternoon activation of ascending together, with music from Janine John Band. Many people saw and experienced the unseen. It seems it is getting easier, the more we engage this realm, the more weight it has on the Earth. 

27501088_2019786888037909_5296130241429058990_oOur hosts Eric and Dagmar were incredible, and their whole team gave 100%. Wide open for the future they have been living this SONG, this DANCE years ahead of time. I was amazed at their story. Real forerunners in the nation. Unrecognised in the Earth maybe, but definitely known by Heaven, surrounded by the Saints and cheered with joy. They are running the race and we run with them. 

We are planning to continue to pursue the DREAM of DAVID’s TENT. Next year we are aiming to work together on another weekend of passionate ascending worship, flow, new sounds and heavenly engagement in GERMANY. We have seen the future and it is glorious!! Keep watching for more news as we rise into a new day for Europe. 

THANKS again for our COBH partners. You helped make this happen. We were able to fly a large team (nine of us) and cover all our expenses. You guys ROCK da house!! 

27072650_10156354812474750_4412960855768593671_nBLISS be yours, JPA



*NEW COBH logo

Hey guys, we’ve been working to create a new logo for COBH. After lots of designs using a burning hearts, we slowly evolved the idea into something a lot more blissful and with deeper meaning. I want to show you the new logo and tell you what it means. Here goes:


Inside the middle is the CELTIC symbol of the TRINITY.


Everything we are flows from this energy and flow of Love within Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are included in their Life. 

This Divine Dance, this union in God, then forms into community : The HEARTS coming out of the DIVINE Life. 


We are more than a ministry we are many voices, family joined, KAINOS people walking together in the bliss. 

The circle around the edge is another old Celtic Saints idea, they called it being encircled by Love, encircled by Life. They did circular prayers around villages and buildings, even people. Praying, all that is good is within all that is evil without! Light in darkness out! The circle is about Completeness. We are hidden in Him. 

There ya have it! Hope you like it. You’re see it on our flyers and Facebook etc before long, in fire, black or white. 

More NEWS coming soon. Stay tuned. 

Love JPA 

Wales, Germany, Ireland + England

Coming up… LOVEFEST 2018 in Cardiff… with J.J. Waters (BURN UK), Godfrey Birtill, Janine John BAND, and many other prophetic voices, including myself (Justin Paul). 


We start 7:30pm on the FRIDAY night. On the Saturday we run all day and into the evening with back to back bands, many voices, sounds, dance, engaging the frequency of life! Come join us. It’s only £20 to cover the costs. If you can’t afford it come anyway! Start 2018 off with a BANG! He’s like a WILD GOOSE ya know! 


Following on from this, the music continues as we do our FIRST GERMANY worship and bliss conference. We are taking the whole JANINE JOHN BAND over, and the legendary joy-bomb Richard Lewis. If you’re looking for adventure come with us! 


This is a prototype gathering to blur different languages, musicians, nations, voices and sounds to engage the heavenly realms and land a greater manifestation of David’s Tent in Europe. The whole event was birthed out of an encounter with David and the Saints whilst in Germany. This is on Heaven’s agenda! 

Ireland 2018

Calling the IRISH to join us for a highly strategic conference, activation weekend on the COURTS, ANGELS, ZION and more. This is one of those events where we are looking to shape the future from the unseen. We will dig deep over a period of three days. 

New Heart Ministries, 240 Rashee Rd, Ballyclare, BT39 9JQ
Contact 02893038957 and 07803515732
Friday 9th February 7.30pm
Saturday 10th February 10am, 2pm, 7.30pm
Sunday 11th February 10am

Finally, BATH SPIRIT school is back again due to the raw hunger and desire rising in England for engaging the mystic realms. Hosted by Trevor and Ros Dunlop. It’s a free monthly event to build on the last School, engage Zion, go deeper into the Mysteries. Also, with guest speakers and guest worship teams. Can’t wait!  

Bath Spirit School full schedule

Let’s go for it people. 2018 is what we make it. Dream BIG. Run with passion. 

That’s all for now. If you have any questions drop us a line! 

Cheers Justin Paul



Bliss Cruise 2018!

How would you like to get physically refreshed and spiritually blissed in 2018?! 

Why not join me for a CRUISE with the inspirational Dr. O! If you don’t know Dr. O you’re in for a treat. He is a Jewish Christian mystic who has a vast understanding of Spiritual Dimensions and the Nature of God.

For this CRUISE we’re focusing on ECSTASY and UNION in Christ! Whoop whoop!!


Here’s what one delegate says about AACTEV8:

“Dr. O and his team are the “Real Deal”! Genuine spirituality, with deep roots in Hebraic traditions, and moment-by-moment engagement with Yeshua! The conferences are always an unexpected surprise bundle of joy, music, dance, rising incense, ascending activation, all rolled into an emerging mystery! You really should fasten your seatbelt if you are going to attempt this ride! (I’m not kidding!) Blessings to AACTEV8!!!”

We’d love to have you with us on this excellent adventure!

BLISSfull 2018!


We honour and value you. Thank you for journeying with us in 2017. It’s been a fun, explosive year of adventure and bliss. But we know there is always MORE to come. To the INCREASE of his government and peace there will be no end! Let’s go further and higher than any generation before us. We were made for wonders, we were made for JOY! 


Happy new year!
Justin Paul & Rachel Abraham