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Are you ready to be stretched, inspired and challenged? Then check out the latest Podcast by Justin Paul recorded in PERTH Australia. It’s called CARDIO-GNOSIS!

podomatic cardiognosis

What is Cardio-Gnosis? It’s an old Christian word for Discernment or Telepathy – Knowing the true motives, thoughts and intent of the Heart. But it’s more than that. It’s a form of expanding your spirit to sense and feel the environment around you – angels, saints, demonic spirits, governmental structures, buildings, nature. It is a natural part of being a new KAINOS creation and part of the Blueprint of being just like Jesus. It is our Future.

In this session Justin Paul shares personal examples of the dynamic of Cardio-Gnosis, the science and the activation. This is real gold and it comes from over a decade of Justin Paul pursing spiritual wisdom and understanding.

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We hope you enjoy this and get activated and inspired to live a bigger life. 

THANK you to our dear partner family who sow each month into us. We love you and honour you. Truly you are the hidden heroes of COBH. Big hugs go out to you all. Amazing! 

If you want more teaching on this subject and others, don’t forget the BEYOND HUMAN book. It cover Telepathy, Remote Sight, Infused Knowledge and much, much more. It’s available on AMAZON or directly from our STORE.

beyond human book

We also have a BEYOND HUMAN intensive coming up later this month near London, in Horsham ENGLAND. We’d love for you to join us. We’re going to engage heaven, unpack and impart a lot of material. Sign up at www.glory-company.com

Beyond Human Horsham Facebook

Dream BIG, love COBH 



Join us in Horsham – Beyond Human

Beyond Human Horsham Facebook

A unique weekend to plunge deeper into the joy of KAINOS creation realities:

For if a man is in Christ he becomes a new person altogether—the past is finished and gone, EVERYTHING has become fresh and new. 2 Cor 5:17

We are pursuing the consequences of being co-included IN Christ. We are IN! 

Now enjoying the massive happy benefits of NOW living in a new world. A world with Angels, Saints, Mystical Knowledge, Cardio-Gnosis, Teleportation and more. We have hardly begun to explore the wonder of the Gospel. Truly it is massive! 

Jesus is the BLUEPRINT of our design – we look to Him to show us what this NEW life looks like. As John the beloved said: As He is so are you in this world. There is so much more to engage with. We can’t stop now! Let’s press onwards and upwards. 

Knowing this – that all of CREATION is waiting to see us revealed! Wow! 

Based on the BEYOND HUMAN book this is going to be an intimate day where we get close and personal, answer questions, impart the substance of what we carry. 

PLUS!! we are really excited to be with the wonderful joy-filled GLORY COMPANY – Matt and Pearl Nagy. I call them England’s best kept secret! They are treasures in the land with a unique worship sound… melodies and harmonies that plunge you into the Divine Ocean!! Happy. Intoxicated by Love. These guys are the real deal! 

Matt and Pearl

The VENUE is the HORSHAM SALVATION ARMY HALL, Booth Way. It has FREE parking and it is easily located for hotels, trains, motorway and the city centre.

ALL the information can be found HERE on the Glory Company website.

Jump in! Take a weekend to saturate in the goodness of God. Get expanded. Wrecked. Plunging ever deeper into the Mystery which is Christ!  

Shalom, Justin Paul Abraham 

Richard Lewis concert is here!

Do you remember, in 2015 we helped RICHARD LEWIS with his Crowdfunder Project? This was a lifelong dream come true, for this well loved UK worship leader to play the majestic music of Schubert with joy and love! 

Richard Lewis

All the money came in (thanks again everyone who gave) and now the CD is live. It’s here: 


To celebrate, Richard is holding a unique concert of beautiful piano playing in a wonderful venue in Cardiff. It is going to be a magical night of sweet journeying. We’d love as many of our dear friends to join us as possible. Let’s make it a night!  Here’s the concert flyer:


If you haven’t heard Richard play, you’re in for a treat. One Facebook reviewer said this: “Richard Lewis is truly an outstanding musician, who plays ever note with a passion and sensitivity like no other. His performances are captivating and will always leave you wanting more. Once heard never forgotten, weather you are new to classical music or a veteran you won’t be able to help yourself but fall in love with Richards recitals of such amazing peaces.”

Grab your friends and come on a journey. Tickets are available now. 

Much joy, Justin & Rachel Abraham 


*NEW Podcast out now

Blast your summer vacation with this *NEW Podcast session, featuring Justin Paul Abraham – “GOING UP TO HEAVEN”… Recorded live at MORNINGSTAR EUROPE’s annual event LION HEART.

Lion Heart 2017

This is a dynamic, expansive teaching, calling you up to HEAVEN now! Follow in the footsteps of prophet BOB JONES and Enoch. Let’s live from the Above!

Here’s the LINK. Check it out!! 

For more SESSIONS – visit http://www.morningstareurope.org 

THANKS to our dear PARTNER family for making this service possible. We love you!

HAPPY summer vacation time people!

Cheers COBH team

*NEW Podcast out today

Looking to BLISS your ear drums on vacation? Grab the latest Podcast from Justin Paul Abraham. A searching, penetrating message on being ruled & possessed by love & grace – becoming more than a movement: a family saturated with joy!

podomatic ruled by love

CLICK HERE to visit our Podcast website // or visit iTUNES and find us there! 

Keep your eyes peeled for more NEW PODCAST teachings soon on ascending to Heaven, the Cloud of Witnesses and much more in the coming months. 

Thank you again to our dear partners who faithfully stand with us each month. You are our hidden heroes, the delta force who fight in the shadows with COBH. We love you!

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Blog: Heavenly Encounter

This was a recent Facebook post. Due to the amazing response we’re reposting it here.

Response to Criticism of Heavenly Encounter


Hello all. I’m not one for a RANT… but today, please allow me the grace to express (with passion and love) something that is dear to my heart.

I want to talk about engaging Heavenly Realms.
It’s a hot topic and I know for some it is controversial!
However, if we will push through the fear there is gold there.

I believe engaging Heaven is ESSENTIAL- not only to understanding world events but also to shape world events.

Paul believed engaging Heaven was NORMAL.

Paul clearly said “Seek those things above, set your mind on them, relocate yourself mentally”(Col 3:1-2). Paul did not mock people for this Heavenly desire, but encouraged it as a KAINOS (new) lifestyle. He pointed us Heavenward (Phil 3:14) in Christ.

Paul said in his Sacred Letters, that we are seated there (Eph 2.6) and have a function there now. We can wrestle there (Eph 6:12), are blessed there (Eph 1:3), and can learn from there (2 Cor 12:4) in ecstatic states of bliss. 

Paul taught we are Heavenly citizens with FREE ACCESS to the Throne of Grace (Heb 4:16) and Mount Zion (Heb 12:2). In fact Paul said this is where our true, real, higher life is now located hidden in Christ (Col 3:3). This is our new Reality.

Jesus, Himself encouraged this trans-dimensional thinking. Our dear Rabbi, said, “I am the Door! If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go IN and OUT and find pasture. (John 10:9). We have the ability to shift between dimensional worlds.

Jesus’ heart cry was always that we would be with Him where he is and see the glory (John 17:24). Not when we die… as we shall ALL see Him then… Rather that we would see Him NOW in the Heavenly sphere.

The Gospel gives us sight into the Unseen Realms (John 3:3).

In fact Jesus Himself warned against those ‘expert teachers’ who block the Way to Heaven and refuse to go in themselves… He said:

“You won’t enter the Kingdom yourselves, and you prevent others from doing so” (Mat 23:13 VOICE).

I grieve over them. These ‘experts’ claim anything visionary or Heavenly is gnosticism or imaginary. They thrive on conformity and agreement, silencing difference, silencing the many voices.

Whilst the Truth shouts… Echoing through the world…

Lift up your eyes to the heavens
then look upon the earth beneath (Is 51:6).

We must lift up our eyes up, then look down, to see clearly.

Heaven is at hand, here and now. Engage it. See it. Believe it!

Some ‘heresy hunters’ say that engaging Heaven is a consequence of being “bored with Jesus”. What a terrible accusation!

Not seeing, not understanding, this flame of wonder, is actually a consequence of being awakened to the limitless possibilities of a new KAINOS life IN Christ. It is actually born from Living Faith and Trust. It is born from the Spirit (John 16:13) Himself, who invites us into Mysteries like the Prophets of old… The unsearchable riches of Christ (Col 2:2-3)!

As Paul said:

“Don’t shuffle along, eyes to the ground, absorbed with the things right in front of you. Look up, and be alert to what is going on around Christ—that’s where the action is. See things from his perspective.” (Col 3:2)

A Heavenly heart is a child-like heart. A believing heart.

Believe me,” Jesus said, “unless you change your whole outlook and become like little children you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven” (Matt 18:3).

We are fully satisfied in Christ, yet deeply curious with childlike wonder at the unseen world. Like Enoch, we are invited to Journey with Christ, from a posture of joy, acceptance and rest!

We dare to fly because Love gives us wings (Is 40:31). How can we resist this GRACE updraft? How can we ignore an Open Door?

The Voice still says “Come up here and see!” (Rev 4:1). I want to show you NEW things (Jer 33:3). Be with Me (John 17:24).

Despite the heresy hunters… and mistakes people make…

I believe MANY… with pure INNOCENT trust, will respond like ENOCH, turn into the Bliss and say:

Come, and let us GO UP to the mountain of the Lord,
To the house of the God of Jacob;
He will teach us His ways,
And we shall walk in His paths.” (Is 2:3).

New communities emerging who have found the Way Up and love to go! Like the Celtic Saints, Rees Howells, the Mystics, the Ladies of Gold, and many others who showed us the Way. These small groups of nobodies in Christ, will create great change, build up, restore, shape the world! Converging with Heaven as One.

The choice really is ours. We will all get to see Heaven eventually… but it really is our choice how much we engage this NOW. How far can we go NOW? Is it Open or not?

Personally, I can’t imagine pulling back to please the status quo.

I am enjoying a new KAINOS life, and it’s only just begun…

Jesus, Heavenly Dimensions, Angelic Beings, Saints and Ever-Living people, Transportations and Remote Sight, Understanding the Courts and Government… a new normal is slowly emerging.

I wake up each week wondering what will happen next. Really there is no limitation in Christ. Endless possibilities await us. In fact the whole Cosmos awaits (Rom 8:19)!

Fully satisfied in Union with Christ… intoxicated… in Love… but eagerly anticipating where He will take me next. He still says with a glimmer in His eyes “Follow Me!”…

That’s my rant for the day!!
Hope you enjoyed! Cheers!
Justin Paul Abraham

Summer Advance!

Hi everyone. What a great summer in the UK! It’s been hot and sunny! We love it!

We’ve just got back from the SUMMER ADVANCE. Amazing weekend of bliss!

It was a deep time of engaging, ascending, connecting and feasting!! 

Here’s some of the FEEDBACK we’ve had already come in…

“I went so far out I didn’t think I was coming back!” JJ

“One of the best weekends of all time – thank you!” JP

“Just wanted to say “wow, fab, excellent, mind-blowing”! Thank you for all your hard work. Can’t even begin to say how much we benefitted and enjoyed it. Made some great connections too.” SM

“It was incredible in indescribable ways and I have been utterly filled as well as leaving super hungry for more and higher!” JS

“The weekend was incredible, we are still feasting on the goodness. The worship was beyond words and the teaching so impactful and revelatory. There was such a sense of family and togetherness, celebrating with those we already know and love like yourselves and making new friends.” MS

We had our special guest Nancy Coen and she rocked the house! 

We recorded the sessions so keep your eyes open for updates.
Thank you everyone for getting involved and making this so much fun.
Some of you even dared to do the zip wire and abseiling!! HA!

We are really enjoying getting to know you all. Let’s do it AGAIN!
Thanks also to the COBH volunteers and Tribe you rock! 
Hope you have a brilliant summer holidays. Speak soon.

BLISS! Justin Paul & Rachel Abraham