We push forward together to pioneer new spiritual frontiers with communities of Love all over the Globe, here are some of our UK and International friends:

United Kingdom

Fiery Crown and Glory (Wales) – Jane Schroeder

Glory Company (England) – Matt & Pearl Nagy

Janine John Band (Wales) – Janine John

MorningStar Europe (England) – Aliss & Rob Cresswell

Prophetic Guitar (England) – Rob Townley

Scotland Ablaze (Scotland) – Stephen McKie & Friends

Spirit, Body, Soul (England) – Jonathan Ely

Streams Training Centre (England) – Tony & Dwee Cooke


Glory Revolution – David & Jen von Blanckensee

Golden Eagle Soaring – Peta Condon


Freie Christengemeinde Hanau – Bruno & Claudia Zimmerli

New Zealand

His Amazing Glory – Ian Johnson

Moed Ministries – Grant & Sam Mahoney

Son of Thunder – Ian Clayton & Karl Whitehead

South Africa

Savantage – Kevin Hall & Team

Seraph Creative – Publishers


Aactev8 – Dr Adonijah Ogbonnaya

As He Is Ministries – Christopher Blackeby 

Destiny Encounters – Charlie & Brynn Shamp

Gateway International – John & Ruth Filler

Revelation Revealed – Joseph Sturgeon

Seattle Revival Center – Darren Stott & Team

Servant Ministries – Nancy Coen