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  1. ernest paul

    I’ve been blessed listening to Justin lately. I pastor a small Kingdom Community in Abuja Nigeria, and have been moving in Present truth circles since my sophomore years in College. I am interested in relationship.

  2. teresaabowen

    On your latest podcast life and immorality, which is awesome btw, there is some music at the end that sounds similar to Benjamin Dunn, but I so would love to know what it is.
    Love all the podcasts you guys put out and love the testimony of your journey in Yahweh.

    Teresa Bowen

  3. Heber teodoro

    Hi, my name is heber Teodor form Brazil. Ian clayton told me to ask u guys to give me some titles about old mistycs’ books. He told that I must read those books
    Please would be great to have those names to help my church


    • beautyfoodlove

      Oi Teidor, os livros de Teresa Avila, Caterina de Siena, Sao francisco de Cupertino. Sao Joao da Cruz. Praticando a presenca. irmao Lourenco. Ou Brother Lawrence.
      Espero q te ajude.

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