Invite COBH

5 thoughts on “Invite COBH

  • I’ve been blessed listening to Justin lately. I pastor a small Kingdom Community in Abuja Nigeria, and have been moving in Present truth circles since my sophomore years in College. I am interested in relationship.

  • On your latest podcast life and immorality, which is awesome btw, there is some music at the end that sounds similar to Benjamin Dunn, but I so would love to know what it is.
    Love all the podcasts you guys put out and love the testimony of your journey in Yahweh.

    Teresa Bowen

  • Hi, my name is heber Teodor form Brazil. Ian clayton told me to ask u guys to give me some titles about old mistycs’ books. He told that I must read those books
    Please would be great to have those names to help my church


    • Oi Teidor, os livros de Teresa Avila, Caterina de Siena, Sao francisco de Cupertino. Sao Joao da Cruz. Praticando a presenca. irmao Lourenco. Ou Brother Lawrence.
      Espero q te ajude.

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