We’d love to hear from you!  Please drop in and share your vision with us.  If you’d like to invite us to your area, leave us a message here. As well as conferences and church meetings, we can run the following Schools:-

Ekklesia Rising – A course designed to establish Governmental hubs that flow from Zion and the Courts of Heaven, engaging the Angelic Realm, understanding the Cloud of Witnesses and more. This is one of the most timely teachings for this era of great change. It is a reality changing course. Able to shape regions and shift spiritual resistance.

Mystic Prayer 101 – A series of teachings designed to engage the Presence of God, the Prayer of Silence, Mystic Union and Ecstatic vision and trances. Based on the lives on the Saints and modern day experience. This will revolutionise your relationship with Jesus and open you up to a world of bliss. You will understand God is in you – and you are in Him!

Beyond Human Intensive – Based on the new book by Justin Paul, this is a radical journey into the Beyond. Engaging the heart of the Gospel, that we are now in Christ new creations, the old has gone – a new order has arrived. This covers a wide variety of exciting life expanding topics* including: Angels, Infused Knowledge, Expanded Hearts, Unlimited Vision, Creation Miracles, Cardio-gnosis, Shifting Dimensions, Miraculous transports, Wired for Combat and more (*as the Spirit leads).

The Seer School – Maturing in the Prophetic with Jane Schroeder. This will help you activate the visionary and creative capacity of your mind and spirit. Help you understand the kind of experiences you can have and the beings / places you will see. Crafted to engage Heaven, this is a course of intimate communion with God and epic adventures!

Gospel Revolution! – Grace awakening! The joyful happy message – we are co-crucified, co-buried and co-raised. This message is creamy, honey saturated bliss. You will understand the intoxication of Christ in you. That God is endlessly Happy. He is the Source of Joy and the explanation for our condition! You will begin to see the ecstatic realms stored up for the Believer in the Love Wine. This is more than a School it is an impartation!

*We are always expanding what we teach – if there’s a different / new course you’d like to see developed let us know. To the increase of His Government and Peace there will be no end!