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The Age of Ascension_edited-2

In this era, many people will go up into the Heavens to participate in the Above! This is the Age of Ascension. This is a meaty teaching time with Justin Paul, with many insights, profound stories and wisdom on the wonderful truth. Learn about the function and experience of the word ‘Al-ah עָלָה’ which means GO UP. Recorded in Winnipeg Canada. Part of the Beyond Human School in 2018. Click here to listen.

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podomatic into zion

One of the greatest mysteries being revealed in our generation is our role in Zion! 

Join our ongoing series of teachings on ZION, the Court Room, winning your case in Heaven and more. Recorded in BATH, England @ Spirit School with Justin Paul Abraham.

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*NEW Podcast LIVE now

podomatic angels and us v2

We have a dynamic interwoven relationship with Heavenly Beings. This is how God designed his Kingdom to function. Throughout history Angels have played a key role in human history. They still appear today.

Join Justin Paul Abraham at the Beyond Human Intensive 2 in Horsham England, as he shares on the value of Angels, how they’ve moved in his life, and in the life of other ministries. You will love this session! Click here to listen.

Want more? Then visit www.glory-company.com to buy the video/ audio for the whole BEYOND HUMAN 2 conference. This is FRESH and stretching! Hear/ see about the era we’re living in – the time of GREAT CHANGE. Grasp the future with both hands!

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*NEW Podcast: Sonship with Grant Mahoney

I’m buzzed to introduce a NEW voice this month. Grant Mahoney from Moed Ministries. Based in Auckland, New Zealand he and his wife Sam have become dear friends. Grant is a fatherly, loving family man, with an unusual seer ability.

podomatic grant mahoney

Some of this session may be very stretching for you. We need to dream bigger, go further, until there is an unstoppable tide of wonder and joy! We have to keep expanding our minds and awakening love until the whole world is blazing.

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*NEW Podcast online TODAY: Life and Immortality

podomatic life and immortality

New podcast from Justin Abraham: Humanity is changing. People are living longer and living healthier. TIME Magazine reports a baby born today could live to 142. We are in a time of massive change. We are returning to the Days of Noah where people lived expanded lives. We will see that there is an amazing promise hidden in the Gospel, the promise of Life and Immortality (2 Tim 1:10).

Justin Abraham

Recorded in Seattle Revival Centre in the USA, with Justin Abraham this is joy filled message of hope, healing and a youthful life!

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*NEW Podcast – The Ekklesia Rising School

podomatic ekklesia rising school

NEW Free Podcast online today. From our EKKLESIA RISING school in BATH England. A new 6 month course on engaging heaven to shape Earth. We think this has been one of the most exciting schools we have done yet.

Bath Spirit School

In this Podcast we share on Jesus’ own teaching on the Unseen realms and now he modelled blurring both worlds. Then we begin to describe some of the dimensions we have encountered in the Spirit.

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NEW Podcast online today – Expanded Hearts

podomatic justin abraham expanded

Live beyond the body – in Jesus expand your hearts, move to and fro, and release his government through being inside the Name. Join Justin Abraham in Seattle Revival Centre as he practically activates, inspires and imparts on journeying in the Kingdom realm of God. The music at the end is ‘Awake O Sleeper’ by the talented Amy Thompson available on iTunes. Click here to visit the Podcast website