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New Podcast out today………Click here to listen!


podomatic law of life

A great mystery is hidden in the words of the Apostle Paul. We have heard the Gospel of Life, but have we understood the Gospel of Life and Immortality (2 Tim 1:10). In this final Tribe session of 2017, Justin Paul summaries the last year of teaching on the subject of abundant (John 10:10), ever-living life in Christ, and the possibility of living a life without-end like Enoch, Elijah and other hidden saints. Jesus said those who eat me, will never die. What a mystery! We are under the law of Life. Incredible.

Thanks again to our friends, our COBH partners who make this FREE channel possible. You are always in our hearts.

Bliss you!

Justin Paul Abraham

Heaven Changing Earth – England

Hey friends, hope you are all well and enjoying the fall Season! We are really buzzing about the next gathering with ourselves and Mike Parsons. It’s coming up next weekend. Over 200 people in England UK, coming together to ascend into Heaven and engage the unseen as one community! People are awake and ready to go deeper. It’s incredible. If you’d like to join us, we’d love to see you there. The event details are listed below, or click here. Big blessings, JPA


“Exploring how the sons of God can administrate heavenly government to transform our areas, regions, nations and cosmos.

We are excited to have Justin Paul Abraham with us for this exciting opportuniuty to engage the heavenly realms together to effect transformation. This will be interactive gathering for those hungry to engage God in a deeper level of intimacy as His sons that will lead to being positioned where we are seated in heavenly places to administrate kingdom government.


9.30am Registration

10-11am Worship

11am-1pm Introduction and Justin Paul Abraham

1-2pm Lunch (suggest you bring a packed lunch)

2pm – 3.15pm Mike Parsons “Seated in heavenly places”

3.15-3.30pm Break

3.30 – 5pm Justin Paul Abraham

5-7pm Dinner Break ( There are lots of restaurants within a few miles)

7-8pm Worship

8-10pm Lindy Strong will be facilitating corporate interactive engagements with the heavenly realms

Session times are approximate depending on what God does

We have increased the venue size so we now have 250 places but please book before the actual day”


*NEW vids: Wendy Alec + Justin Paul

Hey guys we have two new vids online you might want to check out. The first is a beautiful intimate session with Wendy Alec and myself talking about walking through pain and forgiveness into Heavenly encounters. It’s a sweet vulnerable session where we both share some of the pain and joys of life in ministry.

Youtube Wendy and Justin

The second video is a real life, face to face story of my amazing mum – Ruth Williams, having a night time visit from an Angel in physical form. I just love this story. It’s so powerful, moving and will create in you desire for your own special visitors. Heaven cares. Heaven sees.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 15.01.28.png

Thanks again to our amazing, amazing COBH partners who make all of this possible. You know who you are you! You rock our world!

In the BLISS, Justin Paul

*NEW Podcast LIVE now

podomatic angels and us v2

We have a dynamic interwoven relationship with Heavenly Beings. This is how God designed his Kingdom to function. Throughout history Angels have played a key role in human history. They still appear today.

Join Justin Paul Abraham at the Beyond Human Intensive 2 in Horsham England, as he shares on the value of Angels, how they’ve moved in his life, and in the life of other ministries. You will love this session! Click here to listen.

Want more? Then visit to buy the video/ audio for the whole BEYOND HUMAN 2 conference. This is FRESH and stretching! Hear/ see about the era we’re living in – the time of GREAT CHANGE. Grasp the future with both hands!

Thank you again to our COBH partners for making this FREE Podcast possible. We treasure you! You are the secret army pushing us forward with joy! Giving us space to pray, create and reach out to the world. AMAZING! 

Return to Ireland 2018

Ireland is a unique nation. In the early centuries it was a hub of supernatural (non-empire) Christianity, birthing a GOLDEN ERA of the Saints across the UK. A place where incredible signs and wonders shaped Europe. A nation with a deep heritage of Heroes of the Faith and incredible Government. Even Kings came to faith. 

Ireland 2018

We are returning again, to press upwards into the Courts of Heaven, to learn to walk as Ekklesia to shape a second Golden Era. What they began nearly 1700 years ago has to be finished. IRELAND has a pivotal place now and in the future. 

Space are limited to 80 people so please register early. We’ve kept the registration cost very affordable at only £10 to cover expenses. It’s TIME! Let’s do this!

Details are below – 

New Heart Ministries, 240 Rashee Rd, Ballyclare, BT39 9JQ and contact phone numbers are 02893038957 and 07803515732
Friday 9th February 7.30pm
Saturday 10th February 10am, 2pm, 7.30pm
Sunday 11th February 10am

Dreaming of a new Europe and the wild islands rising, JPA 

Help Jane! Asia BLISS mission!

Dear friends! The amazing and faith-full Jane Schroeder is going on another crazy, love-giving, wild wandering adventure with Jesus! This time she’s visiting ASIA and hitting HONG KONG, INDONESIA and INDIA! Yeah Papa!

Loving on a Widowed womwn in the slums Hyderabad India

Jane is a self-funded, hard working woman… she cuts hair, does care-work, teaches, all kinds of stuff just to live the DREAM. She is the REAL DEAL.

Teaching Primary Kids in the out back vilages in Bangaluru India

Here’s the thing – YOU CAN HELP! We can GIVE to Jane and help her. She’s going and believing Papa for partnership, for people to catch the vision and run with her. 

Todd bently & Jane Schroeder

These nations can’t give her anything, but we can rally around her. Would you consider asking Papa if he wants you to trade, sow into Jane’s marvellous missions!?

Hundu Slum kids singing about Jesus Kallkutta  2.jpg

Maybe you love the nations but can’t go. Here’s your chance to trade and be present in the Spirit, with the reward of the blessing. This is true religion! Yummy! 

VISIT Jane’s website here:


Asia trip information.

Hong Kong 10-12th Nov. 2017 

Indonesia 13-20. Nov. 2017

India Bengaluru 20-29. Nov. 2017

Janey .jpg

We love Jane and we are behind her 100%. Please consider giving & praying. Also sign up on Jane’s website for NEWS and PODCASTS. 

We’re in this together.

Big bliss JPA 


COBH Store Update


It’s a beautiful day here in the UK, and the ‘Son’ is always shining!!!

Store update…. What’s New?!?

Justin has been busy, so there are some new yummy teachings in the store …….

Click Here / Yearn

Click Here /Fear of God

Click Here / The Great Cloud

Did you catch the new podcast, its all about the heart!podomatic cardiognosis

What is Cardio-Gnosis? It’s an old Christian word for Discernment or Telepathy – Knowing the true motives, thoughts and intent of the Heart. But it’s more than that. It’s a form of expanding your spirit to sense and feel the environment around you – angels, saints, demonic spirits, governmental structures, buildings, nature. It is a natural part of being a new KAINOS creation and part of the Blueprint of being just like Jesus. It is our Future.

In this session Justin Paul shares personal examples of the dynamic of Cardio-Gnosis, the science and the activation. This is real gold and it comes from over a decade of Justin Paul pursing spiritual wisdom and understanding.

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We have vimeo channel!!! 


We have started to film the events we host, here are  links  our vimeo channel, more coming soon!

Click Here / Mystical Living Letters

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Worship Music

 Latest Album by ‘Janine John Band’ recorded at the last days of Wonder

A live recording created at Days of Wonder 2016 with Worship from Janine John Band, Justin Paul Abraham and friends

60 minutes of Spontaneous Worship and Prayer. It captures the atmosphere of the event and the sound of ascension, the pursuit of heaven. Our heart is that the extended tracks take into your own encounter with YHVH as you listen.

The Album includes tracks the ‘Sound of His Name’, ‘Yod-Hey -Vav-Hey’ and many more.

Click Here for ‘Sound of His Name’


Jane Schroeder


A fun filled Glory invasion, practical teaching about taking Jesus to the streets. With a massive dose of joy, Jane shares stories about seeing every day life transformation of peoples lives as we partner with the angelic. Heaven is falling, heaven wants to come though the vehicle of our lives to see like Isaiah prophesied. Let the streets resound with joy as you go out in joy and be led forth in peace, the mountain and the hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the fields will clap their hands. This teaching was recorded at The wonderful Church So Blessed Quezon City the Philipines. Enjoy…

Click Here ‘The Streets’

Hope you enjoy the products, speak to you all soon.


From all at COBH. x