Summer Advance!

Hi everyone. What a great summer in the UK! It’s been hot and sunny! We love it!

We’ve just got back from the SUMMER ADVANCE. Amazing weekend of bliss!

It was a deep time of engaging, ascending, connecting and feasting!! 

Here’s some of the FEEDBACK we’ve had already come in…

“I went so far out I didn’t think I was coming back!” JJ

“One of the best weekends of all time – thank you!” JP

“Just wanted to say “wow, fab, excellent, mind-blowing”! Thank you for all your hard work. Can’t even begin to say how much we benefitted and enjoyed it. Made some great connections too.” SM

“It was incredible in indescribable ways and I have been utterly filled as well as leaving super hungry for more and higher!” JS

“The weekend was incredible, we are still feasting on the goodness. The worship was beyond words and the teaching so impactful and revelatory. There was such a sense of family and togetherness, celebrating with those we already know and love like yourselves and making new friends.” MS

We had our special guest Nancy Coen and she rocked the house! 

We recorded the sessions so keep your eyes open for updates.
Thank you everyone for getting involved and making this so much fun.
Some of you even dared to do the zip wire and abseiling!! HA!

We are really enjoying getting to know you all. Let’s do it AGAIN!
Thanks also to the COBH volunteers and Tribe you rock! 
Hope you have a brilliant summer holidays. Speak soon.

BLISS! Justin Paul & Rachel Abraham

BLOG: United Kingdom


On the 18th of this month, the people living in Scotland will decide whether or not their future is with the UK. They will decide whether to go it alone, or continue with us. 

I know everyone is free to think differently on this. I don’t want to presume to be an expert on any of this. I know there are many reasons people want to break up the UK. I just want to share what I feel. You are free to agree or disagree. I just want to talk…

I was praying for Europe a number of years ago, and I went into a visionary experience where I was shown different nations in Europe and some of their destinies. I was shown alliances and callings. 

I was shown France, Poland, Germany and the UK specifically.

France I saw the angel of France. She was beautiful and looked like Joan of Arc. She was heroically fighting for the destiny of the nation against hordes of darkness. I saw the war could only be won through the rising love of the people towards one another. 

The vision moved across to Poland. I saw a white eagle. I understood there was a deep well of destiny in the nation. A destiny we have yet to see rise. A white Eagle nation. A strong prophetic voice to emerge. A hub of prophetic visionaries. 

servant-of-all1I saw Germany, and how it’s greatest call as a Leader was to be the servant of all. That it’s might would be revealed best in its humility and meekness. That, if as a nation, it would prefer others and build up other nations, it would become a father of nations. It would have spiritual sons in the lands of Europe. If it went lower and gave it economic strength to build, it would be considered truly great, and become deeply loved. 

I then saw Britain. In the vision it looked like it was made of silver/ steel and I could see these beautiful joins between the nations 0f Scotland, Wales and England. Supernatural joins. I saw how the British tribes were actually welded together by God. Papa showed me he had joined us with purpose together. It was his doing. There is strength in being UK. I heard the words “What God has joined together…”. 

In another similar experience I saw Scotland prophetically as a great mystical being earthed into creation. I saw it emerge as a giant rising out of the green lands. In that moment I saw how it was a bardic nation like Wales, yet different from Wales. They were warrior bards. That the Spirit of Might was connected to their DNA. 


The Lord spoke a mystery to me at that time. He said we would “Need the strength of Scotland for what’s coming.”. He gave me no indication what “was coming” nor a clue to it’s meaning, other than his heart for us, and how we would value Scotland and need its strength. It is a warrior amongst the British tribes. 

As a Welshman I’ve always loved England and Scotland, and Ireland. I’ve never believed in nationalism or liked the racism. We are all mixed together. In fact when I was in work, I used to sometimes wear an England football shirt on casual clothes days. It used to annoy a few of the hardened Welsh but I used to simply reply with a smile “I love England”. It was a wonder! 

Paul_McCartney-1I have to agree with former Beatle, Paul McCartney, who recently said to Scotland “What unites us is much greater than what divides us. Let’s stay together.”. 

Billy Connolly, a fearless stand-up supporter of the union, put it simply: “The more people stay together, the happier they’ll be”. I think that’s true. 

I have never seen so many English saying how much they love Scotland and our lands. I saw in Horsham last week people crying deeply in prayer for Scotland. The intensity in their faces and the genuine sorrow. I looked at them with amazement and thought “If only the Scots could see this…”. 

Justin AbrahamOnly when you might lose something do you realise it’s true value. 

I simply love the UK. I am hoping Scotland chooses to stay with us. Both for them and us. Powerful nations choosing to be together for love and a greater purpose. A sign and a wonder to the world. 

Those are my thoughts. Thanks for listening.  

Cheers Justin Abraham 




Stories from BATH, England

the desire to be happy is God-given and should not be denied or resisted but directed to God for satisfaction…we know that everyone longs for happiness. And we will never tell them to deny or repress that desire. It is never a problem to want to be satisfied. The problem is being satisfied too easily.” John Piper

Happy face

Here’s some of the stories from BATH from our recent night there. 

“I heard angels singing during the worship and I felt they were touching our raised hands. Wow!” Gale 

“…when you were talking on Friday evening it looked like you had golden light spinning all over you in a diagonal sort of way, from your head to your toes and all down your arms and hands … hard to explain (sort of reminded me of star trek transporter but not!) and the light was moving incredibly fast … it looked pretty amazing …” Fiona

“Thanks Justin for coming to Bath last nite. Was encouraging, inspiring & challenging in the best way. Fab! Loved it & excited for more adventures in God. Hugely appreciate u sharing with us.” Jayne

“Thanks for inspiring us, firing us up again, making us think out side the box of our minds, stretching us, teaching us and much more. We look forward to seeing you again, please do come back.” Anthea

“Woohoo! Quite a wonderful evening in Twerton tonight with Justin Abraham and folks from Cardiff. It was rich, it was meaty, it was succulent, it went deep. So much to chew over and let His Spirit ruminate. Thanks so much” Michelle

“I experienced a whole new anointing right at the beginning of the praise time. I felt it come on me and thought it was just for the session but it’s continued throughout the day/night since. Love it. So close to Jesus.” Trevor 

Thanks again to all our amazing partners who make this possible.


Wild islands rising!


*BLOG: Pins become Thrones

Justin Abraham

I’ve just come back from HORSHAM near LONDON with the Glory Company

Papa gave me a real clear word for England and the UK. 

We all know Isaiah 22:22 – the Key of David. But have you read what comes in verse 23-

“And I will drive him in like a peg into a secure place,

and he will become like a throne of glory to the house of his father. (Isaiah 22:23)”.

Small pegs are going to become thrones of glory across these islands… do not despise the small!

One translation says “hammered” into a secure place. 2012/2013 was a time of hammering and testing. 

Faith has been tested. Vision refined. What is coming out is strong and glorious like GOLD. 

Small people, small pegs (one translation says ‘pins’), small communities are becoming GLORIOUS thrones.

God is coming to SIT on HIS thrones. Places where the HEAD will rest. His government, His power, His glory.

The ECCLESIA that blurs heaven and earth and moves beyond the seen. 

I see NEW dimensions being released that we have NEVER seen before. It has not been on the Earth. 

Excited about the year. Excited about the UK. Wild Islands RISING- Made to BURN!

Cheers Justin Abraham

Rhythm of the Tides

Life has a rhythm… there is ancient pattern on how to live. A Grace centred pattern. No performance. No striving. Just knowing and being known. Following the rhythm of the grace tides.

“Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.” Jesus (Mat 11:20)

The old Mystics and Celtic saints understood this. They connected to the land and saw the rhythm all around them. Hidden in caves, in the wilderness, in the communities, in the seasons, in the tides. They lived the rhythm.

On Holy Island Lindisfarne, in England, St. Aidan and then later St. Cuthbert would be cut off from the land when the daily tides came in. Forced welcomed seclusion. Forced into times of being alone and loved by the Person who is Love. Replenished.

Then the tide would change and the door would reopen to the wider world, inviting them to engage again when the walkway was clear to touch a broken and lost nation with endless compassion and grace. Touching the most overlooked & forgotten. Teaching a generation about the Truth. A Person as alive as the world around them. Connected yet Different. Hidden yet Visible in all.

This is the Celtic way. Hiddenness and then Exposure. The tide. Touching heaven and touching earth. Touching the poor and touching the rich. Blurring the boundary between worlds. Crossing over. Making heaven real through weakness and humility, demonstrating the supernatural reality of the age to come. Loving the one and thereby loving the All.

 There is a new way coming through the ruins of empire. I heard an audible voice speak in the night from heaven. It said “The answer to the mysteries of the future is in the past.” Ancient tides. Ancient cries. Ancient rhythms. We are listening. We are slowly awakening. There is another way emerging, a wildfire generation rising to the unstoppable rhythm of the tides.

“I am coming for the nation, glory flowing like molten gold to the people and places of least resistance, teams flowing, running – the message – My presence and the poor. A nation transformed for the transformation of other nations” (Prophetic vision given to Karen Lowe, Llanelli, Wales)

Justin Abraham

Unusual Angelic Presence in Godalming UK

Our team just hit Godalming England for three days before jetting off to Germany hosted by Jonathan Ely of Spirit Body Soul. Grassroots people gathering in a converted barn in the beautiful English countryside to pull on a new future for the region.

We are used to the joy and the party and there was lots of it at this event, but at times these gatherings also touched something very different, something we’ve been pulling for in Cardiff also- A holy awe that we’ve been sensing is coming for some time. Deep breakers washing over us shaking us to the core.

There was was one specific angelic being present that was eminating the glory of God. At times you could sense that new dimension we are seeking pressing down on us. Realms that bring awe and wonder. Something we have been longing for. Something we have not seen. Here’s one persons encounter –

“Great message last night, got totally taken out – angel wearing armour had his foot on my back, standing guard over true destiny. Felt he’s with you too, guarding your calling and also being assigned to those who hear, respond and are swept in. Saw that more and more are going to get pinned under his presence and receive divine commissioning to embrace obscurity and hiddenness… like a sausage on a coctail stick! It was truly deep last night, flooded into and fueled my heartcry to stay low.” Emma Joy

We also hit the streets. Part of the fun is touching people outside church who have never seen who have never heard. The love of God overmasters us and leaves us no choice but to go. Jesus is walking through the cities and streets of these islands & we’re following him! Love slaves spilling out extravagent his love on a lost generation.

We are massively expectant about the next time we return & seeing what takes place across the region through the new emerging ministires and hubs. It’s stirring.

Europe’s Day is rising.

Justin Abraham