*NEW Podcast: Sonship with Grant Mahoney

I’m buzzed to introduce a NEW voice this month. Grant Mahoney from Moed Ministries. Based in Auckland, New Zealand he and his wife Sam have become dear friends. Grant is a fatherly, loving family man, with an unusual seer ability.

podomatic grant mahoney

Some of this session may be very stretching for you. We need to dream bigger, go further, until there is an unstoppable tide of wonder and joy! We have to keep expanding our minds and awakening love until the whole world is blazing.

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I know you’ll love this. Enjoy!

*NEW Podcast online TODAY: Life and Immortality

podomatic life and immortality

New podcast from Justin Abraham: Humanity is changing. People are living longer and living healthier. TIME Magazine reports a baby born today could live to 142. We are in a time of massive change. We are returning to the Days of Noah where people lived expanded lives. We will see that there is an amazing promise hidden in the Gospel, the promise of Life and Immortality (2 Tim 1:10).

Justin Abraham

Recorded in Seattle Revival Centre in the USA, with Justin Abraham this is joy filled message of hope, healing and a youthful life!

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Cheers Justin & Rachel Abraham

The significance of our days

Justin AbrahamThis morning I am so grateful.  God is opening up Heaven for us to see. Daniel saw this would happen. I find it astonishing that we are living in the time he saw. We are here for the unveiling of the mysteries. 

For generations we have wondered what it would be like to see Heaven. We thought we had to wait until we die to see it. That somehow death was the Saviour! Now we’ve realised, Jesus is the Door. That we can go in and out. The Way is clear and open. Death owes us nothing. Life swallows death. 

We can be there in the Spirit like Stephen, who “full of the Holy Spirit” gazed into Heaven. We believe – to see. This is God’s way. Childish. Trusting. Faithful faith.

The more time we are in the Spirit the more dimensions we comprehend. The more time in His Presence the more we are infused with knowledge and understanding. This is true maturity. Not how much we have academically studied but how much we have abided in His glory. Belonging. Gazing. Being immersed in Life. 

This boundary between worlds was actually an illusion. The Door was always open. It just took faith to see it. Enoch saw it in a dark time. He pleased God and skipped death.

It was only a boundary in our minds. We did not understand that we were buried and raised with Him into a new dimension. That we exist there and here.

It’s becoming clear now. We stand fully identified in the New Creation. The old has gone. The new has arrived. It surrounds us and envelops us. Heaven is at hand. If we only take time to stop and breathe it in, we find God everywhere, hidden in plain sight. 

This is transformation. Transformation in the Presence. Not learned but infused. Not driven but drunk. Allowing through our powerful choices to “turn to the Lord”. Centre on true Reality. Not distance but Mystic Union. I am in Him. He is in Me. We are One.

A dangerous intoxicating Truth. As we return to the Source we find our Home. We find we are right where we Belong. 

This is the mandate for our Generation. To reveal the Mystery of the Ages: Christ in you the hope of Glory. 

Thanks for listening to my morning thoughts!

Cheers Justin A 


NEW Podcast online today – Expanded Hearts

podomatic justin abraham expanded

Live beyond the body – in Jesus expand your hearts, move to and fro, and release his government through being inside the Name. Join Justin Abraham in Seattle Revival Centre as he practically activates, inspires and imparts on journeying in the Kingdom realm of God. The music at the end is ‘Awake O Sleeper’ by the talented Amy Thompson available on iTunes. Click here to visit the Podcast website

*NEW Podcast online today- Councils of God

This message is one of my most treasured – it’s about engaging the place called the Councils of God to shape situations on Earth and to participate in what God is saying over nations, people, individuals and more.

“But if they had stood in My counsel,
And had caused My people to hear My words,
Then they would have turned them from their evil way…” Jer 23: 17-24


Standing in the CouncilIt came from reading a book 10 years ago called – Standing in the Council of the Lord by Carlton Kenney (CLICK here  for more on this book).

This inspirational book really pushed all my buttons. It started the whole journey of pursing the mystical, moving beyond prophecy and actually being in another dimension. Because of this I went onto read the Christian Mystics and began to tiptoe into that world.

I prayed into it, desired it, honoured it. I “set my mind on things above”. Colossians 3 became my favourite meditations  –  “You have been raised to life with Christ. Now set your heart on what is in heaven, where Christ rules at God’s right side. Think about what is up there, not about what is here on earth.” I was hooked on Heaven!

In this Podcast I talk more about this place and begin to share some of the stories of how it changes world events.

We were recently with John Sandford in the USA. This precious man of God has journeyed into many different strategic councils with the Lord and others to change the future.  John shared with us over 40 minutes some of those times. It was amazing.

Justin Abraham and John SandfordHe told us Jesus had appeared to him recently and said it’s time to pass the baton for this place to this generation. He said the baton is not a running baton it’s a conducting baton. With it comes an increased influence and engagement with this dimension. John prayed over us that we would receive it. It was one of those moments you can’t describe.

We were there at the right time. But I know there are others reading this, listening to the Podcasts that feel the same upward call. Believing believers. This message is for you.

It’s only an introduction really, but I hope it’s enough to begin to stir you and open up faith in you to be a part of what Shawn Bolz calls the Throne Room Company. Those that appear before God in Zion. Or as Rick Joyner writes about in many of his books- a company who will always be seeing the face of Jesus like Enoch (see The Sword and the Torch). I want that. Don’t you?

I have much more to say on this but I will leave that for another time.

For now here’s the Podcast.

*Recommended VIDEOS from Paul Keith

I’ve just discovered a fantastic series of videos on Youtube produced by Paul Keith Davis and team.

Paul Keith is one of the Father Prophets in the Church. He has written some excellent books and is one that carries a posture of humility and incredible faith. He has had health problems recently and has consequently been travelling less for a season. Instead he’s been putting the time to good use and recording some excellent revelation and Q&A sessions on Youtube. I’ve been amazed at the congruence between what we have been teaching and these videos. In fact it’s timely and has lifted my heart very much. When you pioneer you can sometimes feel alone. The truth is there are many others who are seeing and hearing about the new era also, we are just spread out. Highly recommend this man to you and hoping in 2014 (God permitting) to bring him to Wales.

Cheers Justin A

*NEW Podcast – Into ZION with Stephen McKie

StephenMckieZionPowerful truth on the call to go literally into the Heavenly Zion and how to actually engage with the Government there. With Stephen McKie (www.scotlandablaze.com) recorded in Toronto Canada with the COBH team. We had incredible feedback after this session of people experiencing heavenly realities. This is a Truth that will open a door for you.


Here’s one testimony we’ve had in from this teaching- 

Sunday, June 23, 2013 
Stephen McKie, Courts of Heaven – at the Justin Abraham meetings

After Stephen had finished his message, he asked us to step into the courts of heaven.

At first, I didn’t see anything … Just waiting … Then I recalled how a month ago during Sozo ministry (Bethel’s healing ministry), I had visited the court of heaven 4 times. I realized that I was in the same place. I recalled that at that time, those ministering to me had collected up all the accusations of the enemy, and they had led me through releasing and forgiving everyone connected with the issue I was receiving ministry for. We then presented the case to the advocate, Jesus, and asked him to present the case to the Father. I was asked to look to the bench and wait for the Father’s judgement. Each time, I heard the Father say “not guilty” along with other stuff. While there, the only places I saw were where Jesus was standing and where the bench was.

Today, while Stephen was ministering, I realized I was perceiving (not sure seeing is the right word) the same place and also the whole room. It had very high ceilings and had the appearance of a very important place, with dark oak paneling. There were others there but I did not see them. As I looked around, I saw chains of authority hanging over the place where the Father sat. This was a throne, and from it, bubbles were flowing out in all directions. They appeared to be coming out of the ground and spreading out.

I also realized that i had visited the throne room at a Patricia King event where I went into the throne room and was allowed to bring a gift back – a plate. At that time, i felt that I wasn’t really supposed to be there, but the Lord had allowed me to come anyway. This time, I felt God say that this was my destiny, this is where I must come, so I can receive the things He has for me, or the things He has for me to do.

He also said to me: “This is the only place where things are sure. The prophetic is powerful, but not as much as judgements and decrees that are made here. This is where the power of the government of heaven demolishes strongholds. This is where the government of God is established, and you are supposed to be here. “

I thought of the song “There is a place of commanded blessing” It refers to a time when blessing had been commanded, but it has yet to brought into force with full power. It is powerful because it was Jesus who commanded blessing where there is unity, but it hasn’t been brought with full force into the realm of the enemy. It’s like we’ve been operating on quarter power. This place is reserved for the sons and daughters of God. See Psalm 24:3-4.

It was like I saw that prophecies and decrees were available as a result of what had happened previously in heaven. They are all true and powerful and have great effect. I also saw that these things result from decisions made in the courts of heaven, because if they weren’t, they would not have power. I saw that at this time, it is exactly as Stephen was saying. God is revealing the role and place of government, and that we are invited to come there, to Mount Zion, to ask for and receive commands and decrees that will have even more effect than the former prophecies, because they were given to us for us to release on the earth.

I don’t really understand all this yet, but I listened to another teaching on the same subject from Stephen (on the podcast) and realized we have to practice this everyday, by faith. Even if we don’t see it, we can access it by faith, and then eventually we will see. I was privileged to see (darkly) this time, but I want more. I prayed that I could see more clearly, since it difficult for me. As I looked away from the room, I saw a vast expanse heading out to the horizon. We were above the clouds and the sun was bright.

I also learned that Bob or Bonnie Jones had prophesied that God would be releasing a new dispensation – one of apostolic government. This is what Stephen and Justin were releasing this weekend.