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Hope you enjoy this challenging, expansive teaching on engaging Heaven. You are made to ENTER INTO HEAVEN. We are designed like Jacob’s Ladder to be a place of ascending!

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Don’t forget to sigh up for our future UK events – We have regular gatherings in South Wales including JUSTICE SESSIONS – on the Courts, Deeper nights to get lost in Jesus and MANY VOICES school on David’s Tent and the Cloud: 

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Humanity is AWAKENING!

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JUSTICE sessions continue

We are in turbulent times. Incredible global transition. Challenge and contradictions. In this hour Isaiah saw a company, many people would ascend into the Heavenly Zion (the mountain above all mountains) and learn the ways of God.

Many peoples will come and say, “Everyone, come! Let’s go up higher to Yahweh’s mountain, to the house of Jacob’s God; then he can teach us his ways and we can walk in his paths!” Is 2:3

Paul the Apostle taught that Jesus work on the cross and the resurrection raised us up into this Realm. He saw us IN Christ Above (Col 3:1-2) in the Executive Right hand (Mirror).

The challenge is to move beyond satisfaction with just theology into actual experience of that Realm. Letting the Word become flesh in us. It is possible.

Prophet Bob Jones and many others in history stood in the Council of God. It is thoroughly Biblical to go there. However, it was never God’s hope that a few would be there. He wished that all would be with Him and see. Bob Jones believed his ‘ceiling would be the floor’ – glory to glory.

This is the call. The call to function not simply as church, but as Ecclesia in the Spirit who Govern. We are His chosen ones with a space, a name, a voice and a function Above. We count. You count! And the Gates of hell-death will not prevail against us.

The world and even all creation is destined for Glory. We know how this ends –

“Every part of the earth will remember and come back to the Lord; every family among all the nations will worship you” Ps 22:27.

The Ecclesia is the womb of birthing dreams. We shape Reality. We are His body in Creation. 

If this interests you – we have the next JUSTICE session at the Prayer House, where I will be teaching on being in the Spirit and engaging the Courts of Heaven to shape the Cosmos. The Justice of Heaven is part of the grace of God. It is there for us – not against us. Bravely, and with confidence in Jesus, we dare to believe it all. We have come to Mount Zion. 

Free night. Coffee @ 7pm. Starts 7:30pm. @ COBH Prayer House in Caerphilly. For address of more info contact us at Shalom! 

LOVEFEST registration now live

Are you ready for the party of 2020?!
LOVEFEST is back! Our 5th year of bliss infusion!

The full details are below. Registration is now open. Only £35 for two days.

Facebook Banner Lovefest v2_edited-1This is a unique gathering of flowing, ascending worship, with many voices together, prophetic voices, different bands, all moving as one, back to back. With revelatory teaching from Ray Hughes. Including prophetic minstrel Godfrey Birtill and our very own Janine John Band. A powerful weekend of riding the grace saturated love waves of Heaven! Ascending, going deeper, dancing, laughing. It’s a LOVE fest!

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Session Times:

FRIDAY morning 10:00am all the way through until 5pm. Evening Session at 7pm.

SATURDAY morning 10:00am all the way through until 5pm. Evening Session at 7pm.

Two days of PURE BLISS, family, connection and joy.

There will be worship bands throughout the day, back to back. Flowing as one.


Holiday Inn, The Coldra, Newport, NP18 2YG, United Kingdom

A friendly hotel with a high rating on Great for staying overnight and spending time with others from LoveFest in the bar/ food area. Double Rooms with Breakfast only £72 on the Thursday and Friday nights. Free parking. Bar food.

(*Note – if you want to stay on for the Saturday night it’s a higher room rate due to the Six Nations Rugby tournament nearby – £200 for a double room. We recommend booking elsewhere in Wales for the Saturday night. It will be less expensive).


Email us at – going to be epic!







We are powerful | Rachel Abraham

BLOG – We are powerful! by Rachel Abraham



“the ideas, customs, and social behaviour
of a particular people or society”.

I find myself asa Christian in a strange land of ‘ideas, customs and social behaviour’. A land where we are a minority group but we are extremely and wonderfully diverse with many view points on many topics.

I am not a theologian by any means and even avoid some topics. I have always felt that as human beings, how can we possibly understand ALL that God has for us? I know we live to the revelation that God has given us at a particular time, but my personal experience has been one of continual growth. Will it ever end? The more we think we know the more we find we don’t know. Ha! The irony! Isn’t this how it should be continually growing, in love and grace and revelation.

I believe there is great power in walking side by side in our differences. Power in communication, power in talking, power in understanding of each other and each other’s hearts.

Rom 12 v 4 In the human body there are many parts and organs, each with a unique function. And so it is in the body of Christ. For though we are many, we’ve all been mingled into one body in Christ. This means that we are all vitally joined to one another, with each contributing to the others.

I have been blessed to listen to Danny Silk’s teaching on the ‘Culture of Honour’ and ‘Loving on Purpose’. I highly recommend you take a listen to Danny or watch some youtube clips. They are full of wisdom.

When you look at church history, why oh why are there so many many many many denominations? Aren’t we really one family (Eph 3:15)? 

Aren’t we all called to love Jesus and proclaim his goodness and love and his mercy for all.

I want to put a radical idea to you today- to stop before we judge other Christians for what they believe. Stop and listen to their hearts. Stop and listen to how Jesus sees them.

I am not saying don’t discuss matters, but realise it’s ok to disagree, it’s ok to have a different opinion on scripture. It’s ok to see things differently in the heavens, it’s ok to have different roles in the matter of Heaven and Earth and the galaxies!

Let’s not compare, let’s not get jealous, let’s not get be fearful of difference or about topics we don’t understand.

Let’s get excited about each others lives and what the Father is doing with each of us. Let’s get passionate about Jesus together. Honour the call on the individuals life. The individual that Jesus laid down his life for!

Live life with the liberation of knowing who you are. Standing side by side for the One!

Rom 12 v 10 (TPT)

10 Bedevoted to tenderly loving your fellow believers as members of one family. Try to outdo yourselves in respect and honor of one another.

Many of you will think maybe I’m being a bit naïve, wanting a utopian world of Christian unity. I am not expecting that, however if we paused, took a selah and a moment of reflection, maybe the judgements, the cynicism and negativity wouldn’t sound so loud in our minds but God’s ecstatically accepting and unconditional love would pour in instead.

I have bravely shared a poem I wrote below, hope you enjoy.

Shared in love,



Here I am

Wife, daughter, Mum

and vastly more…

Human? Yes

Beyond human? Yes

and vastly more…

Powerful to choose right from wrong

Powerful to graze or heal,

Powerful to be right

or make mistakes

For I am powerful to choose what I believe

To choose love beyond anything else

To be accepted anyway

In the beyond

In the place of the unknown

that is the way

and vastly more….

Powerful to remove obstacles,

Powerful to guard and hide,

Powerful to be brave or cry

I choose love

I choose bravery

I choose life

I choose to be me

Powerful in the knowing

I am who I am

and who I AM is.

*NEW Podcast live now

podcast JUSTICE and Angels_edited-1.jpg
Angels are a vital part of the Court system of Heaven and our interconnected to everything we do. In this session, we plunge again into this essential topic and talk about Angelic encounters, the types of Angelic beings, and vision of the future, where working with Angels will be a day to day part of our lives. We are heading into a new world. 

Click here for the PODOMATIC site or find us on iTunes and Spotify

BIG shout to our Partners and Patreon family for making this possible. Your support means so much. We love you dearly!

Finally, here’s some advance notice for the party of 2020!! LOVEFEST in WALES:

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Whoop whoop! This is going to be the best thing since pumpkin pie!! Whoop whoop! 

Living Stones | Engage the Scriptures | Ruth Williams

This September we launch another series of “LIVING STONES” with COBH in Wales. 

“Come and, like living stones, be yourselves built into a spiritual house, for a holy (dedicated, consecrated) priesthood, to offer up those spiritual sacrifices that are acceptable and pleasing to God through Jesus Christ.” 1 Peter 2:5

This is a unique discipleship group with bible scholar Ruth Williams (part of the COBH leadership team). Ruth has saturated her life in the Word since the tender age of 17. She imparts a passion and love for the Word that is contagious. She is a carrier of the new wine of the Spirit!

Here is a Youtube video of Ruth talking about her angelic encounters:

Ruth brings a combination of years of study with the manifest Presence of YHVH. 

This is both a study group and an encounter group for engaging the Spirit of Truth. 

It’s a free school, but places are limited, and application is necessary. 

Email us at to apply. 

Jump in. Get connected. Join the COBH family. This is a lot of fun! 

Location – COBH Prayer House, Caerphilly UK. 

Time 7:30pm | Monday evenings. 

*PLEASE note this school is NOT being live-streamed.

Cheers COBH team





*NEW in store – five part series on our inclusion in YHVH – Perichoresis

The NEW PERICHORESIS SERIES with Justin Paul Abraham is LIVE in store now. 

This is our favourite product series yet.

This is the HAPPY message – You are included in the LIFE and DANCE of the TRINITY. We are literally IN Christ Jesus, and His relationship with Papa is now our relationship with Papa also. We are within the Oneness. Forever united in YHVH. This was always the goal of the cross- to restore us to where we always belonged. 

– “Beresheet” In the Beginning was the creation by the Three of family, a home, a community to share in the Divine glory. We are created deep within YHVH, and invited to participate in the glory, joy and dance of the Three. We live IN the burning layers of the Divine. Creation is the outpouring of Divine love, an invitation to participate in the very life of YHVH. 
– YHVH created the Artist WISDOM at the Beginning. Together they delighted in humanity as they played, danced and sang across the COSMOS! Play comes from YHVH. Song and Dance are expressions of YHVH nature. Joy is the serious business of heaven. We are in the symphony. 
– In the GREAT Dance we are included with all of the HOLY SAINTS throughout time and space. This is a wall breaking idea – we are One. Together we are CLOUD Riders, appearing and disappearing, moving and flowing in YHVH, throughout Creation. Blurring the boundaries.
– Oneness will change the world and define the FUTURE of the COSMOS. We are ONE body joined together in the LIFE of YHVH. In this session continue to explore how the SAINTS are with us. All separation was removed at the Cross. We are One family, and together we will shape the future.
– The pinnacle of our HISTORY is Immanuel – Jesus Christ and the CROSS, where the TRINITY joined together in saving humanity and restoring what was lost. The message is clear – we have never been forsaken. God was in Christ hugging the world to Himself – God is for us! 
We think you will love this new series!

click here to purchase – charge your iPhone with bliss

[*Please note the files are sent manually via email from the COBH office – and can take a few days]

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