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Gary Oates is a radical missionary and author of the life changing book “Open My Eyes, Lord: A Practical Guide to Angelic Visitations and Heavenly Experiences”.


In this pivotal message you will hear incredible stories of Angels working today, how to see them, interact them, and move in supernatural power. CLICK here.

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New Video – Great change to worship

Screenshot 2019-02-12 at 13.49.31.pngThere is something different happening today globally with worship. In this interview Justin Paul shares on visions and dreams of a great change, a surge, and a cutting edge coming back on many voices rising. Recorded with the amazing Faith Jarvis of Worship Effect from Wales. A grassroots movement in the UK.

Click on the image above, or here to watch the video. Enjoy!

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*NEW Podcast for the weekend!!

The Age of Ascension_edited-2

In this era, many people will go up into the Heavens to participate in the Above! This is the Age of Ascension. This is a meaty teaching time with Justin Paul, with many insights, profound stories and wisdom on the wonderful truth. Learn about the function and experience of the word ‘Al-ah עָלָה’ which means GO UP. Recorded in Winnipeg Canada. Part of the Beyond Human School in 2018. Click here to listen.

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*NEW vid- Nancy Coen and JPA

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Join a conversation crammed full of stories with the unseen world from two modern day mystics. Hear about Jesus appearing, Heavenly Lights, Saint Enoch, Communion and more. We hope you enjoy this inspirational interview!


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LoveFest- Ascend and Transcend!

LoveFestPage1- Cover

Time is flying and LOVEFEST is coming soon!!

This vision was birthed out of unusual encounters in the Heavens and dreams: 

I saw David’s Tent being restored. The cutting edge. A wave of sound.  

A surge, movement, a greater grace and power coming on the symphony.

Many voices rising. A surge. A torrent. Moving as One. 

Birthed from Zion to shape Creation. Revival. Awakening. Presence resting. 

We step little by little into the Cloud. Daring to believe for a new day. 

Hope you can join us. Together. UK Wildfire Rising. 




Start off 2019 with a SURGE!

Higher. Deeper. Further! 

In His Bliss

Justin Paul

*NEW Podcast: Trinity and Us

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*NEW Podcast LIVE now –

It’s a Wonderful Dance – Perichoresis! The Trinity + Us. 

You’re included! Jump into the deep waters of LOVE within the Trinity. In this powerful session Justin Paul shares on ‘Perichoresis’ the wonderful dance within YHVH. The source of Life and Bliss! The dance that shapes reality!

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 10.20.44.png
This is ever-FRESH!!! Bliss filled! Out of our minds!! 

Click here to LISTEN

Recorded at our COBH TRIBE mentoring group – November 2018 here in Wales.

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Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas


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JANINE JOHN BAND album is live!

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48421367_10156131846582549_1241142001177460736_nIn our house it’s been playing around the clock. It’s catchy, unique and full of energy and life. Fresh ascending rhythms from TRIBE and COBH gatherings. 


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RELOCATE is LIVE now on iTunes, Spotify and directly from the COBH store.

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We believe prophetically a fresh edge is coming back onto worship with a wave of power and presence. Many voices. I heard the words “SURGE”. It is going to shape the years to come and touch countless lives.

Return of Ecstatic Worship: Fresh wave of Grace


If you’re loving this vibe -don’t forget to sign up for LOVEFEST. This year we have Suzy and Kamran Yaraei, Godfrey Birtill and many others converging in Cardiff. Two days of whoo whoo whoo!! Start 2019 off with a bang!

Happy holidays! COBH team