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Justin Abraham

Justin Abraham

Justin and his wife Rachel live in Cardiff the capital city of WALES in the UK. They launched COBH in 2010 to awaken the wonder of the unseen world of heaven that is all around us and to engage people with their greater spiritual destinies, to bring healing, life and joy. Justin is a well travelled conference speaker, a spiritual mentor, podcaster and blogger.

Rachel Abraham

Rachel Abraham

Rachel works closely with Justin in all things COBH – and if that isn’t enough – she is also a busy mum developing their four children, with a passion for them to be creative, unique and released to live life to the full. Building community with other Schoolers in Wales, Rachel is learning how to model heaven in family life and support others in doing the same thing- building strong healthy kids. Rachel is one inspirational woman!

Jane Schroeder

Jane Schroeder

Jane Schroeder is a natural ‘seer’  interacting with the unseen world of angels and heaven. She brings joy and love wherever she goes with a big dose of compassion! Jane has spread the love of Jesus to many nations including Hong Kong, Africa, USA, India and Europe. She loves seeing healing in everyday situations & lives a life of laughter. Check out her BLOG site – click here.

Janine John

Janine John

Janine John spent nearly six months in the International House of Prayer (IHOP) in Kansas USA on the night shift worship team learning to flow in Spirit Songs. There, with the team, she would spent all night engaging with the face of God and releasing prayer mixed with sounds of heaven. Back in Wales she leads our ascend nights / Spirit School worship Band and heads up the conference worship. Janine is a rare gift to Wales!

COBH Extended Family

Mark John Steen (Sound of Heaven)

John Mark Steen

John Mark is a sign and a wonder- Inspirational! www.marksteen.info

Matthew & Pearl Nagy (The Glory Company)

Mat and Pearl Nagy

An American and Mexican in England! Check out glory-company.com – these guys party!

Milly Bennitt (Cabin Academy)

Mill Bennitt

Milly is like a modern day Enoch- very unusual and pure. cabinacademy.com

Jonathan Ely (Spirit Body Soul)

Jonathan Ely

Jonathan is a healthy living expert and a spiritual motivator! spiritbodysoul.com

Stephen Mckie (Scotland Ablaze)

Stephen McKie

A passionate fiery preacher with a massive heart for these islands – scotlandablaze.com

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