JUSTICE sessions continue

We are in turbulent times. Incredible global transition. Challenge and contradictions. In this hour Isaiah saw a company, many people would ascend into the Heavenly Zion (the mountain above all mountains) and learn the ways of God.

Many peoples will come and say, “Everyone, come! Let’s go up higher to Yahweh’s mountain, to the house of Jacob’s God; then he can teach us his ways and we can walk in his paths!” Is 2:3

Paul the Apostle taught that Jesus work on the cross and the resurrection raised us up into this Realm. He saw us IN Christ Above (Col 3:1-2) in the Executive Right hand (Mirror).

The challenge is to move beyond satisfaction with just theology into actual experience of that Realm. Letting the Word become flesh in us. It is possible.

Prophet Bob Jones and many others in history stood in the Council of God. It is thoroughly Biblical to go there. However, it was never God’s hope that a few would be there. He wished that all would be with Him and see. Bob Jones believed his ‘ceiling would be the floor’ – glory to glory.

This is the call. The call to function not simply as church, but as Ecclesia in the Spirit who Govern. We are His chosen ones with a space, a name, a voice and a function Above. We count. You count! And the Gates of hell-death will not prevail against us.

The world and even all creation is destined for Glory. We know how this ends –

“Every part of the earth will remember and come back to the Lord; every family among all the nations will worship you” Ps 22:27.

The Ecclesia is the womb of birthing dreams. We shape Reality. We are His body in Creation. 

If this interests you – we have the next JUSTICE session at the Prayer House, where I will be teaching on being in the Spirit and engaging the Courts of Heaven to shape the Cosmos. The Justice of Heaven is part of the grace of God. It is there for us – not against us. Bravely, and with confidence in Jesus, we dare to believe it all. We have come to Mount Zion. 

Free night. Coffee @ 7pm. Starts 7:30pm. @ COBH Prayer House in Caerphilly. For address of more info contact us at companyofburninghearts@googlemail.com. Shalom! 

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