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BLOG – We are powerful! by Rachel Abraham



“the ideas, customs, and social behaviour
of a particular people or society”.

I find myself asa Christian in a strange land of ‘ideas, customs and social behaviour’. A land where we are a minority group but we are extremely and wonderfully diverse with many view points on many topics.

I am not a theologian by any means and even avoid some topics. I have always felt that as human beings, how can we possibly understand ALL that God has for us? I know we live to the revelation that God has given us at a particular time, but my personal experience has been one of continual growth. Will it ever end? The more we think we know the more we find we don’t know. Ha! The irony! Isn’t this how it should be continually growing, in love and grace and revelation.

I believe there is great power in walking side by side in our differences. Power in communication, power in talking, power in understanding of each other and each other’s hearts.

Rom 12 v 4 In the human body there are many parts and organs, each with a unique function. And so it is in the body of Christ. For though we are many, we’ve all been mingled into one body in Christ. This means that we are all vitally joined to one another, with each contributing to the others.

I have been blessed to listen to Danny Silk’s teaching on the ‘Culture of Honour’ and ‘Loving on Purpose’. I highly recommend you take a listen to Danny or watch some youtube clips. They are full of wisdom.

When you look at church history, why oh why are there so many many many many denominations? Aren’t we really one family (Eph 3:15)? 

Aren’t we all called to love Jesus and proclaim his goodness and love and his mercy for all.

I want to put a radical idea to you today- to stop before we judge other Christians for what they believe. Stop and listen to their hearts. Stop and listen to how Jesus sees them.

I am not saying don’t discuss matters, but realise it’s ok to disagree, it’s ok to have a different opinion on scripture. It’s ok to see things differently in the heavens, it’s ok to have different roles in the matter of Heaven and Earth and the galaxies!

Let’s not compare, let’s not get jealous, let’s not get be fearful of difference or about topics we don’t understand.

Let’s get excited about each others lives and what the Father is doing with each of us. Let’s get passionate about Jesus together. Honour the call on the individuals life. The individual that Jesus laid down his life for!

Live life with the liberation of knowing who you are. Standing side by side for the One!

Rom 12 v 10 (TPT)

10 Bedevoted to tenderly loving your fellow believers as members of one family. Try to outdo yourselves in respect and honor of one another.

Many of you will think maybe I’m being a bit naïve, wanting a utopian world of Christian unity. I am not expecting that, however if we paused, took a selah and a moment of reflection, maybe the judgements, the cynicism and negativity wouldn’t sound so loud in our minds but God’s ecstatically accepting and unconditional love would pour in instead.

I have bravely shared a poem I wrote below, hope you enjoy.

Shared in love,



Here I am

Wife, daughter, Mum

and vastly more…

Human? Yes

Beyond human? Yes

and vastly more…

Powerful to choose right from wrong

Powerful to graze or heal,

Powerful to be right

or make mistakes

For I am powerful to choose what I believe

To choose love beyond anything else

To be accepted anyway

In the beyond

In the place of the unknown

that is the way

and vastly more….

Powerful to remove obstacles,

Powerful to guard and hide,

Powerful to be brave or cry

I choose love

I choose bravery

I choose life

I choose to be me

Powerful in the knowing

I am who I am

and who I AM is.

22 thoughts on “We are powerful | Rachel Abraham

  • Rachel – this is wonderful, thank you!! You’ve got such an amazing heart – incredibly wise, not naive. You remind me to simply love and accept everyone and not get upset by the argy bargy – I personally think all viewpoints and the people expressing them are precious to Him. And I love your poem!!


    Revd Rosemary Ashley


  • WOW!
    This is sooooo where I am right now! Your very words ring powerful and true in my heart. I got goosebumps while reading your poem. Thank you so much for sharing ❤❤❤

  • Rachel, how precious you are! I love your poem. Thank you for sharing with us. Looking forward for more.
    Love and Blessings!

  • I love your heart and the message. OUr little fellowship is undergoing a stretch to be and do just this. Be Powerful in your love for one another and listen to each others hearts. Bless you Rachel and Justin for this.

    the scrubbie maker

  • Thank you Rachel for this beautiful thought and I realy love the poem.
    i am truly inspired by this to see my world and people in a different light.
    May Abba give me the Grace and the Love to walk it out.blessings Denise Allan

  • Beautifully said Rachel, love and honour empower the giver, the receiver and charge the atmosphere to touch those around. And the poem is great, thanks for sharing your heart and creativity with us xx

  • Love it! I have felt similar things before and believe what you speak of is something we should seek 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Good to hear your Voice coming through so creatively in prose and poetry Rachel. We need a reminder of the importance of unity in these divided days. Well said. xx

  • Thank you Rachel for sharing, such a blessing. My love and blessings. Josie Owen-Roberts.

    Sent from my iPad


  • Beautifully said and beautifully written by beautiful person inside and out!!!
    Thank you for being brave❤️😘❤️😘

  • Thank you, Lord Jesus for my beautiful sister and these beautifully spoken words. O how they minister to me in Your perfect timing. Thank you, Rachel, for all of your inspiration and encouragement!
    With much love and honor,

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