*NEW in store – five part series on our inclusion in YHVH – Perichoresis

The NEW PERICHORESIS SERIES with Justin Paul Abraham is LIVE in store now. 

This is our favourite product series yet.

This is the HAPPY message – You are included in the LIFE and DANCE of the TRINITY. We are literally IN Christ Jesus, and His relationship with Papa is now our relationship with Papa also. We are within the Oneness. Forever united in YHVH. This was always the goal of the cross- to restore us to where we always belonged. 

– “Beresheet” In the Beginning was the creation by the Three of family, a home, a community to share in the Divine glory. We are created deep within YHVH, and invited to participate in the glory, joy and dance of the Three. We live IN the burning layers of the Divine. Creation is the outpouring of Divine love, an invitation to participate in the very life of YHVH. 
– YHVH created the Artist WISDOM at the Beginning. Together they delighted in humanity as they played, danced and sang across the COSMOS! Play comes from YHVH. Song and Dance are expressions of YHVH nature. Joy is the serious business of heaven. We are in the symphony. 
– In the GREAT Dance we are included with all of the HOLY SAINTS throughout time and space. This is a wall breaking idea – we are One. Together we are CLOUD Riders, appearing and disappearing, moving and flowing in YHVH, throughout Creation. Blurring the boundaries.
– Oneness will change the world and define the FUTURE of the COSMOS. We are ONE body joined together in the LIFE of YHVH. In this session continue to explore how the SAINTS are with us. All separation was removed at the Cross. We are One family, and together we will shape the future.
– The pinnacle of our HISTORY is Immanuel – Jesus Christ and the CROSS, where the TRINITY joined together in saving humanity and restoring what was lost. The message is clear – we have never been forsaken. God was in Christ hugging the world to Himself – God is for us! 
We think you will love this new series!

click here to purchase – charge your iPhone with bliss

[*Please note the files are sent manually via email from the COBH office – and can take a few days]

Cheers COBH

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