FRESH Podcast for the weekend! Enjoy!

expanded life

Challenging the status quo, we are journeying into a new era for humanity, where life swallows up death. Join Justin Paul at the TRIBE in Wales as he expands on the incredible, mystical, joy-filled message of the Gospel of LIFE expansion, health and the possibility of IMMORTALITY. At the end we do a COURT CASE for our bodies. 

The Music during the prayer is the talented Rob Townley HEAVEN SONIC. The final track is the new album RELOCATE by Janine John Band. Both are available on iTunes. Engage the frequency of LIFE!! 

Big shout goes out to our PARTNERS and PATREON supporters for making these sessions FREE and supporting us. AMAZING! You are our hidden heroes. With over 3.5 million downloads you are helping us redefine a generation. Let’s do this!!

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If you like COBH and haven’t partnered yet, maybe ask Papa if you can join the fam. We are small team with BIG burning hearts! Come join the fun! Cheers JPA



One thought on “FRESH Podcast for the weekend! Enjoy!

  • Hi Justin,
    I was so blessed by listening to one of your recent YouTube word. One of the dreams i had about ten years ago. Just to shorten it… at the end of the dream an angel told me to speak. I told him I can’t as I thought I am not capable. But he encouraged me as well as the people seated at the tables which was attended by loved ones who crossed over to the other dimension whom I knew before.
    I said ok and decided to speak on Isaiah with regard His kingdom… however the words automatically spilled out of my mouth “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” The angel led me to a seat and said “you are the bride”. (I understand, part of His bride). There was a stage and a great feast was prepared and Jesus was going to appear on the stage. End of the dream.

    Then about 3 years ago whilst out shopping when I just parked my car an angel (I just knew) came walking towards me. I was very suspicious as I did not know where and what was happening. I saw him with my eyes as real as anyone else. I was so intrigued.
    He was so beautifully dressed and everything was shining and I thought he probably played in a band. I looked him up and down and thought he wanted to look after my car. He gave me a beautiful smile and I smiled (a small one) as I was still so taken aback and uncertain of what to do because he stood out with the clothes and so brilliantly clean shining.
    He wore a checked green and red shirt ( small, tartan like). And a small tie with a sleeveless short overcoat. His pants was like a gold mustard yellow colour and cropped into his long socks just below his knees. His shoes was shining brilliantly with gold buckles. And he was wearing a green beret. But he then drew my attention to the staff in his hand. It was shining so brilliantly and I wondered what it was all about. He never said a word. I turned and saw the cars security guard and asked him if he saw the beautiful young man. But he was gone.
    I have so often wondered and pondered these things. Then when I listened to the word you shared you mentioned Psalm 23 ” the Lord is my Shepherd” and mentioned His staff and offcourse the Psalm and its meaning.
    Thank you. It might seem so small and insignificant but to me it’s so exciting and so true.
    Bless His name
    Lida South Africa

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