New Video – Great change to worship

Screenshot 2019-02-12 at 13.49.31.pngThere is something different happening today globally with worship. In this interview Justin Paul shares on visions and dreams of a great change, a surge, and a cutting edge coming back on many voices rising. Recorded with the amazing Faith Jarvis of Worship Effect from Wales. A grassroots movement in the UK.

Click on the image above, or here to watch the video. Enjoy!

Thanks again dear partners for helping us fund LoveFest. You rock!!

3 thoughts on “New Video – Great change to worship

  • Love this interview! It’s so spot on! We are becoming love…the LOVE of Christ! We are feeling the shift to join the Father in worship instead of Him joining us! Thank you Justin…you are inspiring me and many people to go deeper into Christ!

  • Yes!! He gave me a beautiful song a few years ago starting with the words
    And I will sing as David sung and I will dance as David danced and i will worship at His throne with King Jesus my Savior my Lord.
    Holy holy is this place
    Beautiful love, peace and joy
    Holy holy are you Lord
    Who dwells in me

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