*NEW Podcast: Trinity and Us

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*NEW Podcast LIVE now –

It’s a Wonderful Dance – Perichoresis! The Trinity + Us. 

You’re included! Jump into the deep waters of LOVE within the Trinity. In this powerful session Justin Paul shares on ‘Perichoresis’ the wonderful dance within YHVH. The source of Life and Bliss! The dance that shapes reality!

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 10.20.44.png
This is ever-FRESH!!! Bliss filled! Out of our minds!! 

Click here to LISTEN

Recorded at our COBH TRIBE mentoring group – November 2018 here in Wales.

The song at the end of this recording is by the legendary Godfrey Birtill. You can find Godfrey’s transformational music at www.godfreyb.com

THANKS to our lovely PARTNERS who make this Podcast channel possible. The secret heroes changing the world with us. You truly rock!

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Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas


One thought on “*NEW Podcast: Trinity and Us

  • Hello, My name is Manuel, I enjoyed listening to you. The way you present the gospel in a way where it hits everyday reality and the struggles that so many can relate to, is awesome! Its uplifting for the listener. I have always wanted to do what you are now, presenting The Word in a new age kind of way where people can relate and USE it in day to day struggles. I feel these days people dont give God’s word a chance for they make the connection that its the same old boring “Your a sinner” do this do that kind of preaching like back in the day. Law preaching.
    I have had so many revelations from God that I have written down over the years in hopes to have or contribute to a ministry. Its radical thinking kind of stuff All God inspired I feel but of course there is a fine line from what thoughts are from God from the thoughts one creates themselves. Ya know?
    Anyways if interested in hearing anfew let me know. Thank you and God Bless! Keep up the good work brother!

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