FREE series – available now

Great news! The Wine is Alive- Happy Eschatology series is FREE to download now…
product happy end time bruno zimmerli
Hey guys we just had an epic fun time at THE WINE IS ALIVE. Our dear friend Bruno Zimmerli, a grace theologian from Germany was with us. He took us through a different, more optimistic view of the end times than we’re used to hearing.
This really is GOOD NEWS. We’ve decided to make the series available for FREE to you guys! So if you want a radical /different view of our era check out this series!!  
Remember we’re all free to disagree and think differently on this. We don’t want to be dogmatic but we’re offering a different view. See what you think! Enjoy the journey of discovery and the new questions!

There’s also a NEW FACEBOOK group by Bruno to discuss this subject. If you’re interested CLICK HERE. It’s a safe place to talk and meet others. 

Thank you again to all our PARTNERS who make this possible! We love you.
Cheers Justin Paul Abraham

5 thoughts on “FREE series – available now

  • Hi Justin Paul

    I have read your book and listen to you podcasts each one numerous times. I am so desperate to get into the presence of God.

    I have a son that has SMA that is adopted and just adopted another child and I am overwhelmed in life and really need to get into court rooms to hear the conversation in heaven.

    Please help me


    Daniel Searle

    Senior Account Executive – Southern CA Region

    C (760) 707-7664

  • This was so awesome. And a great thing, I was really seeing, perceiving and engaged in the reality of this.
    Thank you Jesus, and for ALL you that made this pisdible.
    Can I come to Cardiff.
    I don’t belong here in US any more.😂
    Not since listening to you Justin.
    And I make a MEAN PUMPKIN PIE, 😂😂
    Thanks guys!!

  • Thank you Justin for the free podcasts and the “Wine” series!
    I am so grateful. Be blessed. Much love from South Africa!

  • I can’t tell you how much I have appreciated and fed on these messages. I had begun to learn about this 4 years ago but I love how Bruno puts together all the pieces of the Word and History to underscore the Reality that the Kingdom of God HAS come and it is the government of God that is and will continually increase!!! It put a fresh song in my heart ….”The King is Here”

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