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Remember you can also join Justin Paul on TWITTER – @WildFireRising

TwitterYou can also find us on iTunes, Spotify and Youtube. We’re posting fresh free vids. 

Still want more? We also have a PRODUCT store with extra teachings at: www.companyofburninghearts.com 
and don’t forget BEYOND HUMAN VIMEOS schools, we’re adding more Schools soon! Keep checking!

WANT to come to a COBH event?

OUR next joy-fest engagement of Heaven is called the WINE is ALIVE. We are going to have the legendary GODFREY BIRTILL bringing the party tunes, JOHN SCOTLAND the wine, and introducing BRUNO ZIMMERLI from Germany- a grace theologian who is bringing the message of a VICTORIOUS eschatology (end time)!! Yes this is going to blow your box! Whoop whoop! With Justin Paul + Rachel Abraham, Janine John Band and many of our friends. Come on!

Click here for more info

Wine is Alive 2018v5.jpg

Catch you soon. Have a great summer break!




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