NEW vid – Janine John Band

Hey guys… we just put out this new VIDEO from the SUMMER ADVANCE 2018 to capture the vibe for the Janine John Band Project. It captures the bliss, the family, and the essence of our hearts at COBH. We are a community of grace, joy and riding on the waves of LOVE to Heavenly Heights. We are IN Christ and everything is new.

Take a look at the vid

We’ve hit 25% of the Project Budget, which is brilliant. But we still have a long way to go. To really do this album well it’s going to take 10 days of recording with the band, then post editing, mixing and production, finalising and creating the CD. It’s going to take 10k to do it right. If you’re loving COBH and our Podcasts and the vibe we carry, then come on friends, jump in with us on this one. Together we can make it happen. We have one month to go!

BIG thanks, JPA

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