BIG news! Janine John Project!

Hey friends and partners of COBH!! We’re thrilled to announce today a NEW six week project to CROWDFUND Janine John Band’s first STUDIO album. YES it’s happening peeps! It starts tonight at 22:00 UK time (22 key of David)!

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 18.34.01.png

“Janine is a unique prophetic song writer and artist based in the UK, with Company of Burning Hearts. She has pioneered an energetic, life bringing sound with the Band that awakens the heart and soul. This is the first STUDIO album project. Our aim is to fund the studio for ten days recording with the band and production crew. To capture this pioneering music and create a beautiful new CD Album.  We can’t do this without our friends and family’s support. We need you to help us make Janine’s dream come true, and change the lives of people around the world with songs of hope, joy, union and heavenly life! Together we can make this happen!”

This really won’t happen without you guys pitching in with us. Myself and Rachel are going to help fund this, but we can’t do it alone. We’re asking for all you peeps that love our PODCASTS and the vibe we bring, to jump on in! 


It’s going to take £10,000 to do this properly. It’s Papa’s plan to do it right! It’s going to take generous peeps to make it happen. We know this! Crazy, wild, Jesus-loving peeps! I know that’s you guys the people who track with COBH! So come on COBH family. Click the link to check out the CrowdFunder PAGE:


We’ll keep you updated on the NEWS. Also we have some fresh videos coming as the weeks progress, including more interviews with Janine, the Band, Friends… and yes even with her husband Matthew John! Everyone is buzzing about this. 

lovefest2017105Let’s make this a summer to remember for Janine and the Band.

And don’t forget Janine’s own website – – for news! 

Bliss you, Justin Paul Abraham


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