Watch out for FAKE-book accounts!

Hey guys!

We just found two fake pages set up in my name Justin Paul Abraham. The mysterious fake-Justin has been messaging and friending people, pretending to be me! Some people have even had long message talks with them!! Ah well, they say imitating is a form of flattery! But please watch out for FAKES! There are many out there. This is the current image of the FAKE one –

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 17.03.04.png
Looks legit right? 

They way you can tell it’s NOT my REAL page is – the fake is much newer and doesn’t have thousands of friends or followers. It only goes back a short time. It is also not up to date with the latest posts.

Also if I’m you are my friend list already, I can’t ask you to be a friend a second time. It’s simple to spot the fakes. If you’re unsure just ask.

I’ve reported the fakes to FaceBook, and they took one down, but there is still one online. Here’s a video explaining what to do if you suspect a friend or page is FAKE – 

Stay safe online. There’s some strange people out there!

Have a great day!

Cheers Justin Paul

One thought on “Watch out for FAKE-book accounts!

  • The following are two people who made a friend request to me on facebook, although it says I have 5/6 mutual friends.  There are no photos or history to them so I have not accepted them.  They arrived after summer advance.   I suggest this may be how it started. Joy ShalomSunny Blue

    Cathi x

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