Summer Advance BLISS weekend!

Happy Summer time dear friends!! We’re just back from the SUMMER ADVANCE’18!
We are exploding with joy after the Advance 2018 with COBH and John + Jean Scotland, Stephen Mckie and the Janine John Band. It was so much fun. As C.S.Lewis rightly said “Joy is the most serious business of Heaven!”

36933422_1745883802196597_1458292223358533632_oThe messages were joyful yet weighty and significant. If you missed them we will get them on MP3 after the summer for you to listen to. I think you’ll enjoy it. John shared on the WINE, prophetic symbolism and the connection to the Hebrew letters. Stephen Mckie spoke on the Spirit of Truth, new oracles and conviction. Justin Paul on returning to the ALEPH, to Oneness, to Divine Union. 


36736089_10216631634884617_8445366138845528064_nThe Advance is all about friendship and we got to spend a great deal of time eating together, outdoor activities and watching ENGLAND football beat SWEDEN! Hehe!

Keep an eye open for NEXT year. This weekend is unique. Kids love it and you get to really know people beyond just a conference. We also go deep with the expansive sound of Janine John Band. Swirling into the Above into the Wine!

Don’t forget we have one last get together before the summer – BATH SPIRIT school hosted by Trevor and Ros Dunlop. If you’re interested in Ascending into Zion, and the Courts of Heaven come this Friday night. Last session of this run of Schools.
(*Thanks to all our COBH partners who help make all of this possible. You are ALWAYS in our hearts and we love you – the secret heroes!).
Happy summer time! Keep in touch. Speak soon
COBH team 


One thought on “Summer Advance BLISS weekend!

  • Still full of happy-love wine.
    THANK YOU so much. It was just the best, most marvellous weekend. Truly, madly, deeply in love with you all.

    Happy days are here to stay! x

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