*NEW Podcast + Video online

Hey guys… just getting ready to head off to the USA with Rachel. Wanted to drop you guys some new stuff. First, a NEW Podcast recorded from the recent CANADA School with Catch the Fire. This introduction session is a great overview for people who are new to our teachings. Jump in and enjoy – click on image below:

podomatic canada session one

Did you know we also have a youtube channel? We’re posting more and more free goodies on there for you. Here’s one from HORSHAM England, were I challenge the status quo thinking of being under time and seasons. It’s stretching but sooo good!

Youtube Cosmic Gospel.jpg

Our next trip is just around the corner. If you’re in the USA, come join us for a very unusual time of engaging heaven with the incredible MorningStar community. I feel so honoured and amazed to be ministering at this place. Rick Joyner shaped our journey and his thoughts are often echoed in mine. Really a dream come true!


Finally, BIG thank you to our lovely COBH Partner family. You rock our world!! 


Blissings, JPA

3 thoughts on “*NEW Podcast + Video online

  • So love and appreciate all you share on YouTube videos. Would like to receive your book can’t remember but Beyond … Sorry! And how to purchase it.
    Also would like to know where and when you are in USA please,
    Thank you!

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