Ecclesia Rising UK

This weekend we are meeting in the HEART of the UK – Birmingham. This event was birthed from dreams and visions. We are following HEAVEN. There’s still some spaces if you’d like to jump onboard. 


We’re going to explore what ECCLESIA actually means, our function in the Courts and Government of God. The interplay with ANGELS and SAINTS. Ascending and taking responsibility. The role of ECCLESIA hubs to draw new realities. 

Ecclesia Definition Slide 1

We believe this time will OPEN up new Kingdom possibilities, new experiences and greater faith for the future. The truth is – you are POWERFUL, you have a position to take in the Spirit and a role to shape the FUTURE! 

Ecclesia Definition Slide 3.jpg

Come join us as we learn to BE IN THE SPIRIT.

*THANKS again to our amazing community of partners that sponsor our events and fund our trips. We couldn’t do it without you. You are the secret army running with us and we love you! 

Bliss, COBH team

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