One: Update from GERMANY

Something BIG is happening globally. Everywhere there is this BUZZ about worship and a fresh wave of sound, energy and life coming through many voices. We are hearing DAVID’S TENT now. It is the frequency of Goodness in music, sound and spirit covering the Earth, raising the consciousness to higher dimensions in Christ. 

27355821_2019789348037663_1529418726256502871_oAs an experiment we agreed to collaborate on an event in GERMANY called ONE (EINS). It was risky and very different, but we brought together with our hosts many musicians to flow (from UK and Germany) and ascend together. Janine John Band came with us. Different voices, different nations, entwined in One Sacred Dance with the Trinity. It was a JOY fest!!


26993950_2342173329141415_2714935749473119947_nWe pushed it out in teaching on particle and wave-patterns, light, vibration, waves and breakers, spirit and breath. I really went for it and showed the inner-gateway technology our KAINOS race. Our ability to move and ascend in the Father’s Flame of Desire into the Cloud. Becoming One entangled community. 


Jane Schroeder led an afternoon activation of ascending together, with music from Janine John Band. Many people saw and experienced the unseen. It seems it is getting easier, the more we engage this realm, the more weight it has on the Earth. 

27501088_2019786888037909_5296130241429058990_oOur hosts Eric and Dagmar were incredible, and their whole team gave 100%. Wide open for the future they have been living this SONG, this DANCE years ahead of time. I was amazed at their story. Real forerunners in the nation. Unrecognised in the Earth maybe, but definitely known by Heaven, surrounded by the Saints and cheered with joy. They are running the race and we run with them. 

We are planning to continue to pursue the DREAM of DAVID’s TENT. Next year we are aiming to work together on another weekend of passionate ascending worship, flow, new sounds and heavenly engagement in GERMANY. We have seen the future and it is glorious!! Keep watching for more news as we rise into a new day for Europe. 

THANKS again for our COBH partners. You helped make this happen. We were able to fly a large team (nine of us) and cover all our expenses. You guys ROCK da house!! 

27072650_10156354812474750_4412960855768593671_nBLISS be yours, JPA



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