Wales, Germany, Ireland + England

Coming up… LOVEFEST 2018 in Cardiff… with J.J. Waters (BURN UK), Godfrey Birtill, Janine John BAND, and many other prophetic voices, including myself (Justin Paul). 


We start 7:30pm on the FRIDAY night. On the Saturday we run all day and into the evening with back to back bands, many voices, sounds, dance, engaging the frequency of life! Come join us. It’s only £20 to cover the costs. If you can’t afford it come anyway! Start 2018 off with a BANG! He’s like a WILD GOOSE ya know! 


Following on from this, the music continues as we do our FIRST GERMANY worship and bliss conference. We are taking the whole JANINE JOHN BAND over, and the legendary joy-bomb Richard Lewis. If you’re looking for adventure come with us! 


This is a prototype gathering to blur different languages, musicians, nations, voices and sounds to engage the heavenly realms and land a greater manifestation of David’s Tent in Europe. The whole event was birthed out of an encounter with David and the Saints whilst in Germany. This is on Heaven’s agenda! 

Ireland 2018

Calling the IRISH to join us for a highly strategic conference, activation weekend on the COURTS, ANGELS, ZION and more. This is one of those events where we are looking to shape the future from the unseen. We will dig deep over a period of three days. 

New Heart Ministries, 240 Rashee Rd, Ballyclare, BT39 9JQ
Contact 02893038957 and 07803515732
Friday 9th February 7.30pm
Saturday 10th February 10am, 2pm, 7.30pm
Sunday 11th February 10am

Finally, BATH SPIRIT school is back again due to the raw hunger and desire rising in England for engaging the mystic realms. Hosted by Trevor and Ros Dunlop. It’s a free monthly event to build on the last School, engage Zion, go deeper into the Mysteries. Also, with guest speakers and guest worship teams. Can’t wait!  

Bath Spirit School full schedule

Let’s go for it people. 2018 is what we make it. Dream BIG. Run with passion. 

That’s all for now. If you have any questions drop us a line! 

Cheers Justin Paul



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