Help Jane! Asia BLISS mission!

Dear friends! The amazing and faith-full Jane Schroeder is going on another crazy, love-giving, wild wandering adventure with Jesus! This time she’s visiting ASIA and hitting HONG KONG, INDONESIA and INDIA! Yeah Papa!

Loving on a Widowed womwn in the slums Hyderabad India

Jane is a self-funded, hard working woman… she cuts hair, does care-work, teaches, all kinds of stuff just to live the DREAM. She is the REAL DEAL.

Teaching Primary Kids in the out back vilages in Bangaluru India

Here’s the thing – YOU CAN HELP! We can GIVE to Jane and help her. She’s going and believing Papa for partnership, for people to catch the vision and run with her. 

Todd bently & Jane Schroeder

These nations can’t give her anything, but we can rally around her. Would you consider asking Papa if he wants you to trade, sow into Jane’s marvellous missions!?

Hundu Slum kids singing about Jesus Kallkutta  2.jpg

Maybe you love the nations but can’t go. Here’s your chance to trade and be present in the Spirit, with the reward of the blessing. This is true religion! Yummy! 

VISIT Jane’s website here:


Asia trip information.

Hong Kong 10-12th Nov. 2017 

Indonesia 13-20. Nov. 2017

India Bengaluru 20-29. Nov. 2017

Janey .jpg

We love Jane and we are behind her 100%. Please consider giving & praying. Also sign up on Jane’s website for NEWS and PODCASTS. 

We’re in this together.

Big bliss JPA 


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