Join us in Horsham – Beyond Human

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A unique weekend to plunge deeper into the joy of KAINOS creation realities:

For if a man is in Christ he becomes a new person altogether—the past is finished and gone, EVERYTHING has become fresh and new. 2 Cor 5:17

We are pursuing the consequences of being co-included IN Christ. We are IN! 

Now enjoying the massive happy benefits of NOW living in a new world. A world with Angels, Saints, Mystical Knowledge, Cardio-Gnosis, Teleportation and more. We have hardly begun to explore the wonder of the Gospel. Truly it is massive! 

Jesus is the BLUEPRINT of our design – we look to Him to show us what this NEW life looks like. As John the beloved said: As He is so are you in this world. There is so much more to engage with. We can’t stop now! Let’s press onwards and upwards. 

Knowing this – that all of CREATION is waiting to see us revealed! Wow! 

Based on the BEYOND HUMAN book this is going to be an intimate day where we get close and personal, answer questions, impart the substance of what we carry. 

PLUS!! we are really excited to be with the wonderful joy-filled GLORY COMPANY – Matt and Pearl Nagy. I call them England’s best kept secret! They are treasures in the land with a unique worship sound… melodies and harmonies that plunge you into the Divine Ocean!! Happy. Intoxicated by Love. These guys are the real deal! 

Matt and Pearl

The VENUE is the HORSHAM SALVATION ARMY HALL, Booth Way. It has FREE parking and it is easily located for hotels, trains, motorway and the city centre.

ALL the information can be found HERE on the Glory Company website.

Jump in! Take a weekend to saturate in the goodness of God. Get expanded. Wrecked. Plunging ever deeper into the Mystery which is Christ!  

Shalom, Justin Paul Abraham 

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