Richard Lewis concert is here!

Do you remember, in 2015 we helped RICHARD LEWIS with his Crowdfunder Project? This was a lifelong dream come true, for this well loved UK worship leader to play the majestic music of Schubert with joy and love! 

Richard Lewis

All the money came in (thanks again everyone who gave) and now the CD is live. It’s here: 


To celebrate, Richard is holding a unique concert of beautiful piano playing in a wonderful venue in Cardiff. It is going to be a magical night of sweet journeying. We’d love as many of our dear friends to join us as possible. Let’s make it a night!  Here’s the concert flyer:


If you haven’t heard Richard play, you’re in for a treat. One Facebook reviewer said this: “Richard Lewis is truly an outstanding musician, who plays ever note with a passion and sensitivity like no other. His performances are captivating and will always leave you wanting more. Once heard never forgotten, weather you are new to classical music or a veteran you won’t be able to help yourself but fall in love with Richards recitals of such amazing peaces.”

Grab your friends and come on a journey. Tickets are available now. 

Much joy, Justin & Rachel Abraham 


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