*NEW Podcast out now

Blast your summer vacation with this *NEW Podcast session, featuring Justin Paul Abraham – “GOING UP TO HEAVEN”… Recorded live at MORNINGSTAR EUROPE’s annual event LION HEART.

Lion Heart 2017

This is a dynamic, expansive teaching, calling you up to HEAVEN now! Follow in the footsteps of prophet BOB JONES and Enoch. Let’s live from the Above!

Here’s the LINK. Check it out!! 

For more SESSIONS – visit http://www.morningstareurope.org 

THANKS to our dear PARTNER family for making this service possible. We love you!

HAPPY summer vacation time people!

Cheers COBH team

4 thoughts on “*NEW Podcast out now

  • This was as great as all the other ones. God bless you aboundantly. Thank you a thousand times for your dedication to the kingdom of God.
    Love you

  • Justin Thank you Again I’m listening to this podcast called going to heaven at one point you make this sound like the spirit realm is opening up. About ten days ago this happened to me while sitting on my bed. I coundnt explain it. It was a sound like maybe the Matrix movie. It startled me. I’m one of those people who realized something happened after the fact. WOWZER. I’ve been listening to your BEYOND human Cds every night to feed my spirit.My eyes are OPENING. THANK YOU.

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