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This was a recent Facebook post. Due to the amazing response we’re reposting it here.

Response to Criticism of Heavenly Encounter


Hello all. I’m not one for a RANT… but today, please allow me the grace to express (with passion and love) something that is dear to my heart.

I want to talk about engaging Heavenly Realms.
It’s a hot topic and I know for some it is controversial!
However, if we will push through the fear there is gold there.

I believe engaging Heaven is ESSENTIAL- not only to understanding world events but also to shape world events.

Paul believed engaging Heaven was NORMAL.

Paul clearly said “Seek those things above, set your mind on them, relocate yourself mentally”(Col 3:1-2). Paul did not mock people for this Heavenly desire, but encouraged it as a KAINOS (new) lifestyle. He pointed us Heavenward (Phil 3:14) in Christ.

Paul said in his Sacred Letters, that we are seated there (Eph 2.6) and have a function there now. We can wrestle there (Eph 6:12), are blessed there (Eph 1:3), and can learn from there (2 Cor 12:4) in ecstatic states of bliss. 

Paul taught we are Heavenly citizens with FREE ACCESS to the Throne of Grace (Heb 4:16) and Mount Zion (Heb 12:2). In fact Paul said this is where our true, real, higher life is now located hidden in Christ (Col 3:3). This is our new Reality.

Jesus, Himself encouraged this trans-dimensional thinking. Our dear Rabbi, said, “I am the Door! If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go IN and OUT and find pasture. (John 10:9). We have the ability to shift between dimensional worlds.

Jesus’ heart cry was always that we would be with Him where he is and see the glory (John 17:24). Not when we die… as we shall ALL see Him then… Rather that we would see Him NOW in the Heavenly sphere.

The Gospel gives us sight into the Unseen Realms (John 3:3).

In fact Jesus Himself warned against those ‘expert teachers’ who block the Way to Heaven and refuse to go in themselves… He said:

“You won’t enter the Kingdom yourselves, and you prevent others from doing so” (Mat 23:13 VOICE).

I grieve over them. These ‘experts’ claim anything visionary or Heavenly is gnosticism or imaginary. They thrive on conformity and agreement, silencing difference, silencing the many voices.

Whilst the Truth shouts… Echoing through the world…

Lift up your eyes to the heavens
then look upon the earth beneath (Is 51:6).

We must lift up our eyes up, then look down, to see clearly.

Heaven is at hand, here and now. Engage it. See it. Believe it!

Some ‘heresy hunters’ say that engaging Heaven is a consequence of being “bored with Jesus”. What a terrible accusation!

Not seeing, not understanding, this flame of wonder, is actually a consequence of being awakened to the limitless possibilities of a new KAINOS life IN Christ. It is actually born from Living Faith and Trust. It is born from the Spirit (John 16:13) Himself, who invites us into Mysteries like the Prophets of old… The unsearchable riches of Christ (Col 2:2-3)!

As Paul said:

“Don’t shuffle along, eyes to the ground, absorbed with the things right in front of you. Look up, and be alert to what is going on around Christ—that’s where the action is. See things from his perspective.” (Col 3:2)

A Heavenly heart is a child-like heart. A believing heart.

Believe me,” Jesus said, “unless you change your whole outlook and become like little children you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven” (Matt 18:3).

We are fully satisfied in Christ, yet deeply curious with childlike wonder at the unseen world. Like Enoch, we are invited to Journey with Christ, from a posture of joy, acceptance and rest!

We dare to fly because Love gives us wings (Is 40:31). How can we resist this GRACE updraft? How can we ignore an Open Door?

The Voice still says “Come up here and see!” (Rev 4:1). I want to show you NEW things (Jer 33:3). Be with Me (John 17:24).

Despite the heresy hunters… and mistakes people make…

I believe MANY… with pure INNOCENT trust, will respond like ENOCH, turn into the Bliss and say:

Come, and let us GO UP to the mountain of the Lord,
To the house of the God of Jacob;
He will teach us His ways,
And we shall walk in His paths.” (Is 2:3).

New communities emerging who have found the Way Up and love to go! Like the Celtic Saints, Rees Howells, the Mystics, the Ladies of Gold, and many others who showed us the Way. These small groups of nobodies in Christ, will create great change, build up, restore, shape the world! Converging with Heaven as One.

The choice really is ours. We will all get to see Heaven eventually… but it really is our choice how much we engage this NOW. How far can we go NOW? Is it Open or not?

Personally, I can’t imagine pulling back to please the status quo.

I am enjoying a new KAINOS life, and it’s only just begun…

Jesus, Heavenly Dimensions, Angelic Beings, Saints and Ever-Living people, Transportations and Remote Sight, Understanding the Courts and Government… a new normal is slowly emerging.

I wake up each week wondering what will happen next. Really there is no limitation in Christ. Endless possibilities await us. In fact the whole Cosmos awaits (Rom 8:19)!

Fully satisfied in Union with Christ… intoxicated… in Love… but eagerly anticipating where He will take me next. He still says with a glimmer in His eyes “Follow Me!”…

That’s my rant for the day!!
Hope you enjoyed! Cheers!
Justin Paul Abraham

51 thoughts on “Blog: Heavenly Encounter

  • This is Beautiful. Thank you sooo much for sharing your thoughts, your heart. This is a new journey for me, or maybe its not. I don’t know as I am still learning. But again thank you.

  • Perfectly stated! I have only been to two Days of Wonder and both times I engaged with God and angels and had life-changing experiences. It can be a challenge to open our eyes and see beyond the safety and comfort of the status quo, but we must if we are to be prepared for the days coming. For a number of years now the Lord has spoken to my heart and said, “I am preparing a people who will prepare a people for the end times.” I admit I have a bit of difficulty with the perceived excesses, but if we keep getting Kingdom results and come closer to knowing the Father’s heart, it all lines up with biblical principles and I am all for going on with it. It is a great big universe He is preparing us to rule and reign over with Him. It is time to leave the “just make me feel good” gospel and engage with the realities of heaven. We must learn how to live in heaven on earth.

  • Justin, That was fabulous, fully Biblical, not Biblical light – that rant WAS FULL Gospel! Thank you for helping lead the way into our inheritance. HE is doing a brand new thing now at this time in history with His people IF they want it.
    I’m desperate for it, I was told by my mentor who is a mystic, X-Coptic priest (they kicked him out for getting spirit-filled) that this is a brand new chapter for the Bride, what is and is coming has not yet happened fully yet on the earth.
    It is a heart cry He has put in so many of us, to KNOW HIM and “As He is so we are ON THIS EARTH.” He’s is calling to His bride, come up here….”
    Marcy Willis, (Kirkland, Wa. by Seattle)

    • This is so true and I am new to this. I am excited to experience this!! I would love to meet people in my area that believe the same.

      Bev -Bothell, WA

  • Thank you. Stand strong in the liberty with which you have been delivered from the kingdom of darkness into Christ Jesus marvelous light. Your ministry is a blessing. We love you and Rachel and all of Abbas burning hearts for we are one.

  • Thank you for your honesty, thank for sharing what The Lord is revealing to you. This is so encouraging for us who are wanting to go deeper and higher into the realms of the Supernatural things of God We don’t want religion, we want relationship with Him. Thank you for helping us to press in and press on.

  • Nicely put. Great teaching. You portrayed myself and the Fathers heart through your heart perfectly…Thank you dear brother.

  • Awesome….i just wish there was something here in Canada that would teach was you are revealing. I’ve listened to Utube videos and have never heard these revelations and its mind blowing…i will continue to seek this with the Holy Spirit and trust his leading..Thank you for what you are all revealing..
    Blessing Diane Petty

  • What a gooey gooey goodness of life infusing hope!!. Nothing witnesses more to my soul than the realm of God, the realm of the unknown, the realm of mystery. May it overtake me and completely change the essence of who I am. Thank you for ranting. Thank you for going ! I’ll follow

  • In heaven & on earth , you are greatly appreciated and loved , Justin . There are multitudes more that are for you than the unenlightened who are being used by the enemy to be against you . You are making an ever-lasting difference ,with rewards to you that will have no end .

  • I have heard people accused of being too heavenly-minded to be any earthly good, but there is more danger in being too earthly-minded to be any heavenly good! (sure someone has said that before, maybe AW Tozer, but it bears repeating…..) Keep the rants coming!

  • Thank you. Well said. You said this with much love.

    25 years ago I was filled with the Holy Spirit and started speaking in tongues while attending a traditional baptist church. I had innocently walked onto a battle ground.

    When I started entering heaven five years ago I noticed the same type of hostility even though I was now around Pentecostal people.

    Different settings but same demonic spirit – having a form of godliness but denying it’s power.

  • Praise God hello from New York city. I can’t thank you enough for your HEAVENLY teaching. I listen to your BEYOND human Cds every night & feed my spirit on Men & women who have been teaching this like Michael Van Vlyman..bruce Allen…Nevil johnson. I’m excited to experience Heaven and angels. Thank you

  • Loved your impassioned rant Justin! You’ve inspired me over the last 7 years to engage in a realm I never knew was available to a believer due to ‘normal’ church doctrine that keeps us schackled to this one dimensional earthly realm! So thankful to COBH for being fierce trailblazers for Christ. Once you’ve stood on the mountaintop with Jesus, there’s no going back! Keep on Ranting for Jesus Justin 🙂

  • Those who fear are like the Israelites who made Moses go up for them! Thanks, Justin, you are such an inspiration!

  • This is so amazing! Thank you for this. The Lord just let me to you on You Tube as an answer to the hunger in my heart. Again I say thank you.Don’t let anyone rob you of what you know to be Truth. Cherry

  • Staying true to your mandate is so all important and takes courage which you have plenty of just enjoy the season that you are in and put the cross between you and the the objectors and enjoy this walk or should I say flight bless you Rona

  • Have always respected your insight and teaching Justin and pray blessing on you , Rachel and the family as you continue to seek the higher realms of glory to be found in Jesus etc🙏😀

  • Thanks Justin for never wanting to compromise and amen for standing up for truth and grace Jesus did it all for everyone who will believe and enter into heavenly realms I’m joining Wilna Botha Mussel Bay South Africa

  • Thank you! I have been so saddened by the criticism. When I talked to Papa, “He asked me why I was getting offended” He reminded me there criticism has no power in comparison to the greatness of intimacy with Him. There is nothing to argue because it is our own experiences that have created major change and there words cannot defeat that. Our encounters will remain. 🙂

  • That’s the best rant I’ve ever read: so biblical, so true, so encouraging. Rant on, dear Justin. I’m so inspired right now. Pardon me while I encounter Jesus & all that heaven has for me. Be blissed.

  • Thank you for Ranting with Truth:)! That was the best collection of scriptures and passion describing the wonder I enjoy with God.

    Thank you Justin for all you choose and do!

    Jesus Rocks Heidi Dawson

    Sent from my iPhone


  • Thank you for the scriptures when I was 17 I read Christ’s words that we would do greater things than he did, it’s nice to find people who believe it also, your ministry is such a blessing!

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