Beyond Human INTENSIVE

I think this is going to be the most stretching, expanding intensive we have done yet. I’m not going to hold back and we’re going to explore the cosmic, physical and spiritual implications of being united with Christ in a NEW-KAINOS creation. 


I don’t think there is another school like this in the UK in terms of what we’re going to cover. It will stretching, exciting and expanding. Your head may hurt but your heart will burn with Love. You will marvel at the Gospel – we are a NEW being in a new world! 

There are massive implication – consequences – of being joined together with Christ!!

We have made the Gospel too small and aimed too low! I fully believe there is a revolution coming now to change the Earth. In fact it has already begun. This signs are everywhere we are destined for something greater. Don’t hold back now on the shores dipping in your toes. Don’t let religion block the gateway. Plunge in without fear and explore the depths of Jesus Christ with us. Back to the Ancient Paths.  


You know you were made with a different spiritual technology. You are wired for adventure. Bored with the status quo. Wired to taste of the Power of the Age to Come. 

We ain’t seen nothing yet. The Saints are looking on cheering. Hoping we will go beyond them. Strap yourself in – this is going to be one wild ride!! 


BH5---tue (1)

Daring to believe! JPA


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  1. Derek Laing

    Will be praying for and with you from Canada, wish I could be there. Heb.6:5…the powers of the age to come….and it is here amen.

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