*NEW Podcast: Sons of the Prophets


There is a golden strand running through the ages – the Prophetic voice, the Council of God, oracles sent to lay foundations to establish heaven on Earth. Isaiah and Peter establish we are the “Sons of the Prophets” and the “heirs of the Promise” – that His word will not depart from our mouths forever!! Engage this life bringing message recorded at the recent Transition conference hosted in Bath, England.

CLICK HERE to listen.

BIG thanks to all the hidden Partners who make this possible. We honour you!  


Add Yours
  1. Andrea Farrington

    Thank you for your devotion to GOD!!!!! I look forward to meeting y’all in person . Andrea Farmington

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. DJ Malone

    Does anyone know which book Justin is talking about around the 20:00 minute mark? He speaks about the impact it had on him, but I don’t think he mentions the title.

  3. Claude

    Great podcast, thank you!!!
    I’d really like to find out who is the band playing for the intro and the outro for this podcast, I’m always searching for new radical christian music.
    Thank you for helping!

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