*NEW Podcast LIVE/ Wendy Alec


*NEW Podcast LIVE today… with the incredible visionary WENDY ALEC from GodTV. Wendy is one of the prophets that has shaped this generation, through TV, Books and Online Media she has made space for many voices, revivals and expressions of church to shape the Earth.

dsc_4303Wendy carries a massive ability to impart love, joy and compassion!! Hosted by Justin Paul Abraham, with guest prayers by Ian Clayton & Grant Mahoney. In this session Wendy shares her painful divorce story, ministers hope, and releases an atmosphere to encounter the sweetness of the Father. We love this! Check it out HERE




Thanks for journeying with us!

ADVANCE NOTICE: next summer – there will be a one year break from Days of Wonder. Instead we will be hosting a retreat with Nancy Coen & Justin Paul in July. It will be an amazing intimate time of living, eating and engaging heaven together. Nancy is a unique woman with inspirational stories! Spaces will be limited and we expect this to fill up quickly, so keep your eyes open for this exciting event. Details coming soon… Much appreciation COBH

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