podomatic addiction

This is the Mystic Quest, to glorify God and enjoy him forever. Relationship, bliss and continual conversation. Recorded at Days of Wonder in Cardiff WALES with COBH. This was a special time where the Presence moved powerfully across the people. It’s time to give God what he is seeking – friendship and love. The beautiful music at the end is from the iHOP Kansas prayer room live feed. Much respect to iHOP, the real deal! 

If you go to iTunes you can get each session straight into your computer each time they go live. This is the simplest way of staying connected. Or you can check out our very own PODOMATIC website. We have nearly 100 FREE sessions there waiting for you! 

Thank you to our small family of partners that support us in our mission to spread the Happy Gospel and mentor an emerging generation of mystics. The secret heroes. You guys rock! 

Cheers! Justin Paul and Rachel Abraham 

6 thoughts on “*NEW Podcast – ADDICTION

  • You can download the app and listen at work when you click on the link, it gives me the option to download the app “Podcast” —

    One of the message I watched on YouTube had my spirit on fire!!!

    Do yourself a favor and listen 🙂

    Love mom


  • Dear Justin It has already changed my life. “In His hands are pleasures forevermore ” He wants us to enjoy Him. I have not stopped smiling Thank you for who you are to Him Blessings, Priscilla Santi I met you person to person in Phoenix and your eyes tell it all

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  • Hey,

    I was thrilled to hear this teaching and the heart behind it.

    For whatever reason, for many many months now, I haven’t really been able to access the usual teaching recently and direction of the teaching and that has really confused me! I have a friendship with someone who I know has continued with it and trying to track with all the teaching of the courts, the higher things, but have seen her become more and more striving and less peaceful and I have wondered why. In her language, she was always trying to be better at it, or feeling like she is “nearly there” and quoting names of teachers who are ‘there’, experts in their fields really…. but I have noticed that there is something really not quite right in her quest. And when I heard this podcast I felt quite relieved, because what you said is true.

    It’s great to have people bring us testimony and teaching. I love to hear the stories from those who have had a revelation of Christ, but then it magnifies Him as we see so many different reflections and dimensions of Him (like the facets of a brilliant cut diamond). It’s the whole body reflecting something of Him. Sometimes we get someone who’s had a revelation or seen a particular glance and then we camp there and want to become disciples of them rather than the One.

    I loved hearing this message tonight because it’s about coming back. But I was sad to hear some of those faithful ones who have been seeking wisdom from the company of burning hearts (the ones you mentioned writing in for advice about the “how to”s, and those being addressed at the talk) being told they were “deaf” and had got it wrong and couldn’t hear…. The teaching being endorsed and delivered at COBH conferences, online etc has focused on particular subjects over the past year and people could be forgiven for believing that they were subscribing to something of a formula or a way, whatever the subjects are… prophetic, mystical, drunkenness, how to go through the stages, courts, cosmology and the atmosphere, authority, etc. At first, when all the courts teaching came out ages ago, I too tried to “get it”, but just couldn’t. I eventually realised that through enjoying relationship with God I was experiencing things naturally and learnt to bless what was going on, but that I didn’t need to try harder, pursue more or just listen to one more teaching. I found this really hard though, and came to the conclusion that I didn’t belong anymore, or that I was “unteachable”…. or just “couldn’t get it”.

    I hope you didn’t mind me writing. I really love you guys and Whom you seek. I still check in and listen to Justin’s teachings and have seen him from time to time in Liverpool and would also cover you in prayer if doing a conference etc because I know how important and sometimes costly it might be to bring the word God wants to bring. I would love to stay in touch. But I wanted to write because I really struggled to hear those sheep being told off. If they have missed it, it may be because they have been trying to attain other peoples encounters, and I understand how that might happen. In order to personally pursue intimacy I have had to take a step back and even more so in writing this, risk less connection.

    Thanks though for this teaching and talking about the one thing, it was really good to hear it. Thanks for your encouragement those years ago too… I felt like such a lonely boat on an ocean and just knowing you guys were out there (even if in a different country and even if we were very loosely in contact) sustained my need for connection with family who were on the same page. For a long time, you guys just existing was “church” for me.

    Every blessing,

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  • This message from Go is by far the most important message I have ever heard and I have been Christian for almost forty years. Thanks Justin for letting God truly speak through you. He knew what we needed but like you said, we didn’t know how to get there

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