*NEW Podcast: Liz Wright

Merry Christmas!

There’s a NEW Podcast out today for your Holiday enjoyment!

I can’t recommend this session enough. Truly, it is engaging, presence saturated and very sweet. You will be encouraged. Personally I cried listening to it again. There is a sound on this one draws the heart…

Podomatic Liz Wright
Liz Wright is radical presence carrier. Her ministry is UK based but she also works closely with Wendy Alec and the Media (GOD TV) around the globe.  Liz is the real deal prophetic voice in the land, a mystic that echoes Jeanne Guyon, Teresa of Avila and others, inviting us into Rapture and permanent Union with the Divine. 

Liz ministry is called The Bridal Company and is based in South England. There are other FREE teachings on her website. Click here to visit her page to find out more about Liz and The Bridal Company schools. 

Hope you have an amazing holiday season.
Much love Justin Paul Abraham

*Don’t forget LOVE FEST 2016 coming soon… 




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