Help Jane Schroeder!! An Epic Adventure!

Exciting news guys! You can help Jane fulfil a big DREAM! 

jane schroder

Jane Schroeder, as you guys know loves miracles, healing and taking Jesus out there into the big world. She has such a passion for people and compassion. It’s beautiful.

Jane Schroeder

Well Jane is taking a BIG step of faith and has joined Todd Bentley’s Mission to India!! YES! She is going after the Dream she has had for miracles and revival in India. Jane went there before doing some smaller meetings. She’s pressing on in faith to see Destiny fulfilled and the beginning of a new chapter of Harvest. We are believing for increase!

Todd Bentley

These are the dates:

Nov 25 & 26 ~ Mumbai

Nov 27 & 28 ~ Pune

Nov 30 – Dec 2 ~ Dharavi

Dec 4-6 ~ Bangalore

Jane has paid for the trip herself but we can all partner with her and share the joy!! 

It’s costing $4,000 USA dollars to do this. So far Jane has raised a third of the money. We have joined in partnering with her, but would love for everyone who loves Jane to jump in and give this week, so all costs are covered and she’s overflowing with blessing! 

Jane Schroeder

Honestly, Jane is the real deal. She loves people and is very brave. 

Jane Schroeder

You can contact her and give on her own website – Nun on the Run!! 

Or get in touch through email or Facebook.

Thanks guys. Standing together to make history! 

Cheers Justin Paul 



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