BLOG: The Wine popped in England!

Hey friends, I don’t often BLOG but I want to share some happy thoughts with you today!

Heaven is Speaking

The celestial realms announce God’s glory; the skies testify of His hands’ great work” (Psalm 19:1) “I will show wonders in heaven above and signs in the earth beneath” (Acts 2:19).

At the start of 2015 we posted this HEAVENLY SIGN on our blog:

Independent Newspaper December 2014 “The comet Lovejoy is set to light up the skies and excite many a stargazer over the first week of the New Year as it reaches its closest point to Earth. The comet, formerly known as C/2014 Q2, is named after amateur Australian astronomer Terry Lovejoy and was discovered in August”


Despite the gloom and doom of what we’re seeing in the Press. Heaven is shouting LOVE and JOY to the World!

Daily Mail reports 23rd October 2015  “It’s happy hour on comet Lovejoy! Nasa discovers space rock releasing as much alcohol as 500 bottles of wine every second. The discovery marks the first time ethyl alcohol – the same type that you might find in a Martini – has been seen in a comet”.

Amazing. This is the FIRST time – WINE in the HEAVENS – 500 bottles a second… Nice!!!

Well we certainly saw a lot of wine this weekend in England with Grant and Sam Mahoney and Lindi Masters. I love working with people. Grant and Sam have become co-labourers in the Gospel with us and we’re loving it!
Guildford 2015

In a world of tired Christian hype and media marketing, I noticed throughout 2014 and 2015 a big increase in corporate intoxication and presence. We have laughed a lot this year and seen many communities awaken. Comet LoveJoy was a small sign in the sky to a higher Truth, the Happy God marking the future. As fear increases Light shines even more brightly. Celebration rises. Glory increases. The lamenting sound is being superseded by a David ecstatic symphony.

Sometimes this year the presence has been beyond words. At times couldn’t even say I was whacked this weekend!! It was beyond that definition. I was trying to explain it to Rachel. I couldn’t find the right words. I guess it’s like being in a beam of light where everything else vanishes away. Absorption maybe a good word?

Over and over again this year, the gatherings have had Spirit of unity and Oneness. We are One happy family!


This summarise how I feel. It’s from Brigid a Celtic Saint. I think it’s very appropriate for now!!

Bridgit Poem

Lake of Beer! Ah thank God for traditional prayers! You can’t argue with that! He he!

Cheers Justin Paul Abraham

Advance notice: Join us at LOVE FEST 2016/ Two days of worship/ prayer / encounter with BURN CYMRU and COBH



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