*NEW Podcast out today – Way of Perfection!

way of perfection

You guys sure are hungry! We meet people all over the nations listening to the Podcasts and asking for more. It’s amazing! Today we’re putting out a NEW Podcast just for you! An intimate workshop at a recent retreat in Arizona USA.

In this session Justin opens up about living in Mystic Union, the Way of Perfection. This is a rallying call back to simplicity, away from modern formulas and methods for a higher truth – that God is within us to be enjoyed everyday. The truth that we are immersed in the burning layers of the Divine. A message of hope and endless joy!

For more on Justin Paul Abraham and COBH visit http://www.companyofburninghearts.com.

The excellent Music sample at the end of track is by UNITED PURSUIT BAND available on iTunes.

THANK you to all our PARTNERS who make this possible. You know who you are! You rock!

Justin Paul Abraham

4 thoughts on “*NEW Podcast out today – Way of Perfection!

  • Downloaded it and gonna listen! Bless you here from South Africa! Awesome! Glenda Steele
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  • Been blessed by the podcasts you have here by you and stephen, ian, ect.
    were i live and dwell i don’t have a lot of people around me (family included) that hunger for the deep things/intimacy of Christ and understand my radical mentality/drive/burning desire to know HIM!, but after getting plugged in and listening to you all and scotland ablaze and other mystic believers, it feels like if i was ever part of a group in the physical it would feel more like family, than even my own blood ( i think its due to similar calling/destiny). Just thought id post a comment about the how even a connection and bonding and stirring takes place with those of a similar destiny, even if only heard by the ear/heart miles and miles away.
    Be blessed and keep eating from His table

    Josh Hood,
    Oklahoma, USA

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