*NEW Podcast: Sonship with Grant Mahoney

I’m buzzed to introduce a NEW voice this month. Grant Mahoney from Moed Ministries. Based in Auckland, New Zealand he and his wife Sam have become dear friends. Grant is a fatherly, loving family man, with an unusual seer ability.

podomatic grant mahoney

Some of this session may be very stretching for you. We need to dream bigger, go further, until there is an unstoppable tide of wonder and joy! We have to keep expanding our minds and awakening love until the whole world is blazing.

Click here to visit the COBH PODOMATIC website. Or here for Grant’s teaching.

I know you’ll love this. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “*NEW Podcast: Sonship with Grant Mahoney

  • Wow Grant Mahoney!!! Never heard him b4 but I am wrapping my entire being around this message. I will stretch as far and as wide and then dome. I want nothing else in life!
    What can compare?
    When exposed to this, what does matter in this life except all that is in Him? I am in Him and He is in Me and together we are in the Father. Oh Justin please keep sending stuff like this..I am sooo hungry for more n more. I listen to these podcast over n over.. I go to sleep with them in my esr..I wake up early in the morning 4am to be with Jesus..I crave n yearn for more ..to know Him is to love Him…He IS MY BEST BEST BESTEST FRIEND. Oh, how I wish you lived closer …I want to be in your atmosphere physically so to “chug up” with you all.
    Perhaps I need to desire to be translated to your part of the world so that I can be with my Co Partners, aka..other part of the Eclesia…
    until then, chug on!
    Cindy Kavanaugh
    Diamond Bar, So California

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