Help us make a dream come true!

Hey friends!

Happy news! We’ve launched a new project to help a dream come true!

It’s been tremendous fun getting to know Richard Lewis the last two years. He has become a great friend and we’ve had some awesome times laughing together. Although Richard has been a worship leader for many years and is well loved in the UK and beyond. But he’s had a dream to create a classical music album since he was young.

Richard Lewis

Before I knew this I saw a vision for him over a year ago of an album with a piano on the cover. We felt Papa wanted us to help him launch out into this. To back him in prayer and action. It seemed this year was the right time to go for it. So we jumped onboard and filmed a video and started a project to raise the funds.

Take a look at the video I know you’ll love this! Richard is a hoot. (Check out the outtakes), His music is beautiful and many times I have listened to him play and felt like I was taken away with God.

I know many of you have enjoyed the Podcasts these last 5 years. We have asked for nothing. But could you partner with this dream to bless Richard in return? You will be shaping Richard and Joy’s life and launching him out into new paths.

It’s going to take £8,000 to make this sweet project happen with a special studio made for this kind of music and the professional production crew. We have set a 6 week target to go for it with Crowd Funder. We have to hit the target to get the funds and we need everyone to help out.From only £10 upwards to donate every amount helps.

I’m really counting you guys will trust us and back us on this. We have given to you – will you help us make Richard’s dream come true? Here’s the website link to see the project and help out:

Thank you for being a part of shaping the future with us. We appreciate and love you all.

Cheers Justin Abraham

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