Calling all SA friends and family!

I had a dream. I heard a voice say “Africa is hungry!”

I saw thousands running to encounter Heaven

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Creation Cries A5

We press on down unknown trails. Wild wandering to find that which is lost. Driven by the beating rhythm of the Father’s burning heart. We journey wherever the wild Goose takes us. To new places to find concealed treasures. Hoping to find Jesus hidden around every corner, revealed in every eye and Joy waiting to embrace us as we arrive.

Thanks for partnering with us.
We love you. 
Justin Abraham


Add Yours
  1. Dion

    I’m glad that you are coming to South Africa, but it would have been nice if you could have come to Johannesburg as a last stop on your way to your next country. Love Dion…

  2. Anita Roux

    Hungry desperate Thirsty we Are.. Invade us Lord of Host… We welcome you and the cloud of witnesses that will be present… 7 Spirits of God burn in us all… As it is in Heaven let it be manifested in thee earth…

  3. Beryl

    Hi I’m grieved that I will not be able to be at the South African visit. Will we be able to listen to a podcast on the meeting.

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