Honouring the Life of John Paul Jackson

Justin Abraham and John Paul JacksonToday I want to honour the life of John Paul Jackson. He went to be with the Lord on February 18th, 2015. An amazing man with a historic legacy.

We met under unusual circumstances. It was the result of a heavenly encounter in 2010 with Enoch. The consequence of this was us meeting for a meal together in Cheltenham England. God came in an unusual way that day as we shared stories. I think we all felt it.

John Paul talked about an experience where angels took him above Wales. An audible voice spoke and said that the last revival with Evan Roberts was cut off prematurely but it will be finished. He was deeply impacted by this. Hearing it was also impacting. 

I know Evan believed it was meant to be a global move. I hold this word in my heart in Wales. I still dream of a nation burning. Wildfire revival torching the skies! A nation transformed for the transformation of many nations. Not 100,000 but a nation burning.

I am so grateful for moments like that. Mile-stones along an unpredictable road. Reminders that we are all moving together somewhere special. What seems so out of control is mapped out by the Great Architect. 

John Paul I felt understood me. Something I rarely feel. More often than not I find indifference or mis-trust towards me from within the established church. An outsider. But John Paul was different. He saw beyond the surface and embraced me unconditionally. 

After this meeting, John Paul invited me to the Convergence in Texas. An annual event for discussing global strategic issues. It was humbling to be trusted like that. To be invited to a gathering with many of the fathers of our generation. I got to meet so many people that I read about. I was the unknown one. I even got to preach! Now that is faith! 

He took a risk with me and many others. He was so secure in the Father. His eyes shone. A big smile. He had massive integrity. Wasn’t afraid of difference. A very rare man. 


His wife Diane is the same. A woman of great courage and faith.

Why did he go to Heaven now?

This is mystery… I know when I met Enoch that John Paul was connected to him. That there was something different going on now. I believe John Paul is involved in something massive we don’t fully see yet. A dream Papa has for the world, and for the whole Cosmos. A re-birth into Life. Fulfilling Isaiah’s words that we would re-build ruined places. A reformation of Creation. 

John Paul is in the Cloud of Witnesses. But more than that he is part of co-creating a new era. I am sure many will see him in the coming years as that plan unfolds. 

But until then we will miss him greatly. My thoughts go to his family. His wife Diane. 

There’s so much more I could say… Cheers for listening. I just felt like talking today. 

Thanks Justin A

28 thoughts on “Honouring the Life of John Paul Jackson

  • Thanks, Justin. I like the vulnerable side of you. It is precious.

    Grace and peace, beloved.

    Brian Harrison Meridian, Idaho

  • Thank you Justin for your open heart to share. I agree with you wholeheartedly!
    You are loved & understood by many of us who are also the misunderstoods!
    I thank God for you & your family daily. When I am burned out & tired your pods bring the Reality of the Kingdom Joy back into focus..

  • I heard John Paul Jackson preach several times in Northern NJ; but, one time was extremely special to me. I don’t remember what he preached on; but, he gave an altar call for repentance. I went up and Father moved mightily, He gave me a second chance to repent of smoking cigarettes. I repented and the power of God delivered me from the sin of smoking! It was amazing! John Paul Jackson is a special brother to me. I will miss him.

  • Hiya Justin,
    You were the first person I thought of when I heard JP had died.
    I wanted to thank you again and say how much I have appreciated who you are and what you carry. A colleague of mine has been re-awakened dramatically in the past six months and now he listens to the COBH podcasts, and often says how much what is being taught, although expansive, makes sense!
    Thanks and blessings,

    Sent from my iPad


  • Definitely hear your heart on this. JP was one of those guys that drew you in with his eyes– the love of the Father pouring out from within. I was especially blessed, and quite honestly wrecked, watching the video “The Fathers Blessing” that I viewed after his passing. It was like listening to Daddy speak directly to me through his servant. What a treasure.

  • Thanks for sharing your heart. In the middle of mystery there are moments like this when a heart needed encouragement. . . . you did that. Blessings Helen

  • “He saw beyond the surface and embraced me unconditionally.
    He took a risk with me and many others. He was so secure in the Father. His eyes shone. A big smile. He had massive integrity. Wasn’t afraid of difference. A very rare man.”
    Sounds a lot like Yeshua …

  • I know what you mean when you say this …. felt that way too … I felt safe … knowing will not be mistreated
    John Paul I felt understood me. Something I rarely feel. More often than not I find indifference or mis-trust towards me from within the established church. An outsider. But John Paul was different. He saw beyond the surface and embraced me unconditionally.

  • Thank you for sharing your heart so openly. It is a great blessing, you are a great blessing and a gift from our Lord to be able to hear your heart.Jesus bless you and your wife and family with more!

  • Greatly appreciated your sharing, Justin, very very moving moment’s with a truly Great Patriarch. Thank you and God Bless You!

  • Beautifully said Justin.. Take comfort in what Abba told me about John Paul going home to be with Him.. He has need of him in the Courts of Kings..He is overseeing many things in the spiritual relams. It was a divine promotion, while we miss him deeply in the natural relam(earth) he has much to do in the heavenly relams. I pray Shalom and peace upon his family especially his wife to carry on John Paul’s legacy here in the earthly relams.. Blessings my friend. God sees your heart.. More of his bliss on you and the company of the burning hearts.-Marsha Brethour

  • Thanks so much for sharing this ! Thanks for all you share, for you are part of the Company that is bringing us into our inheritance ! I am forever grateful ! I am reading everything God puts across my path, and now I am reading about the women of gold that you talk about ! Awesome ! Blessings, Marie Moren

  • Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. That cause you to have just so much more credibility. Paul Keith Davis’s explanation that John Paul was a seed – as Stephen was, is precious. I also believe that out of this wonderful seed much fruit will come. We look forward to your visit to South Africa,

  • Thank you so much for sharing this, and for being who you are and doing what you do. We have just now managed to hear Kings and Priests/New Zealand and are soooo blessed by it. We appreciate the price you pay, all of you who are leaders in this new season. We really cannot fully know what you pay, but we deeply appreciate the suffering and the faithfulness and the Glory of YHVH TZAVAOT! Shalom! Bless you and yours! from Oregon, USA

  • After grieving the loss of John Paul Jackson, I got excited about meeting him in heaven. I would have never understood this if it wasn’t for your teaching Justin Abraham. Thank you for honoring JPJ. Honor, I believe, is one of the missing keys to having that wildfire revival in the Body…better yet the full Ekkelsia. My Pastor from Colorado Springs in USA just got back from Cardiff, visiting last week. I could not believe he did not go to meet and learn from you. (Hugged him anyway to get some of Cardiff residue.) Heard me asking, “Did you see the change in Cardiff’s atmosphere? Did you sense the importance of Wales’ spiritual inheritance? Did you know my fav teacher in all the world, besides Holy Spirit, is Justin Abraham?!”

    Just wanted to honor you while we were on the subject of great men of God. Thanks for being so ooey, gooey, real. So delicious!

  • Reblogged this on Richard's Watch and commented:
    Thank you for such a deeply personal tribute Justin.
    Regarding Wales, a friend at Ffald-y-Brenin reported this weekend that their site is seriously affecting ungodly activity in the Presleli mountains. They’ve received a ‘thank you’ card requesting the removal of their large outdoor cross! Strategically placed on the shoulder of Carn Ingli – Hill of the Angels – it overlooks the lovely Gwaun valley. So ‘Amen’ to your prayer Justin!
    (Interesting I’m having difficulty reblogging this!)

  • Thank you Justin for a pure hearted tribute. It is a rare thing to find men of stature who walk in humility & are secure enough to empower & trust the ‘unknowns’. One can see clearly in his beautiful eyes that he was a man of great grace…a true Father. (i have sent his Father’s Blessing to many of my friends & family. What a blessing it would be to meet him & Enoch in the spirit. I have many amazing dreams & now realize I have met people in Heaven thanks to the ministry of COBH Scotland Ablaze & Cabin Academy. Blessings Kate

  • You, like John Paul Jackson are a blessing to everyone. Thank you for taking risks and doing what you do so that we can grow into deeper intimacy with the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit…..

  • Well Justin,
    I just listened to your short video from the Convergence conference, and I agree with you on all points! Thank you for sharing that.It touched me deeply! Yes we do all love and miss John Paul so much. love to you and all the family. Mary and Gary

  • Hi Justin,

    Such a blessing to read your post on John Paul. Your message has spoken to me because:

    · I was born and lived in Swansea S.Wales until a teenager..

    · Around 10 years ago I had a vision of people gathered around every part of the map of Wales. Their hands were joined together, they were praying for revival but they were all facing outward towards the sea (world/humanity)

    · Although I went to N.Scotland to attend John Paul’s Art of Hearing God,I redid the course in Johannesburg at Streams base with Yael and Trevor, Berry in Douglasdale, Witkoppen.

    · I have watched as much of John Pauls ministry on Daystar as possible and understand the impartation He left to us..which causes us to hunger for the Lord’s Presence. A true legacy.

    · I bless you that you found the connection you needed by being with him, and the way He so willingly opened doors to others by invitation to some places he would be attending.

    Trusting to attend your meetings in Pretoria.


    Jenny McMillan

  • Justin, I will be praying that God’s will and work through the connection of John Paul and you will come to full fruition in God’s time and season! And that in the interim, Jesus will be felt in that gap of time and space. In Jesus’ Name, Amen
    4Him, Carolyn Long

  • Justin, I remember when you first shared the video of you at the Convergence and talked about your time with John Paul; I was thrilled at that connection and wondered where it would lead to. I’m not surprised in the least that he ‘got you’ … there are similarities between you. I was shocked at loosing him here … but look forward to learning what he might be part of. Thanks for honoring him …

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