*NEW Podcast online TODAY: Life and Immortality

podomatic life and immortality

New podcast from Justin Abraham: Humanity is changing. People are living longer and living healthier. TIME Magazine reports a baby born today could live to 142. We are in a time of massive change. We are returning to the Days of Noah where people lived expanded lives. We will see that there is an amazing promise hidden in the Gospel, the promise of Life and Immortality (2 Tim 1:10).

Justin Abraham

Recorded in Seattle Revival Centre in the USA, with Justin Abraham this is joy filled message of hope, healing and a youthful life!

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Cheers Justin & Rachel Abraham

One thought on “*NEW Podcast online TODAY: Life and Immortality

  • My brother, Brent, attended this conference. He turned me on to Justin, Ian, and the gang. I live in Arkansas and desired so badly to attend with my brother. I even tried to translate over. I ran around my living room yelling, “open a door lord over to Seattle! ” At my wife’s suggestion, I even put on my coat and boots, stood outside and stuck up my thumb. Nothing happen yet.Oh well, hope to be able to attend in person soon and will not give up trying. I have a vision to be the first to appear into a meeting via transreocation. I call it riding the tran. I listen almost daily to the teachings and preach twice monthly in Hope Arkansas at the Family Church. Southern USA needs a fresh move of the spirit.

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