Jane Schroeder BLOG – Celtic Women

Celtic Wild Women 2015  – In this BLOG Jane Schroeder shares what she saw & felt over the two days gathering in CARDIFF WALES. Dreaming of people rising and nations burning!

Celtic Wild Women“At the beginning of Celtic Wild Women conference, we presented the Celtic lands of Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Joining together, uniting and connecting hearts. We welcomed Ireland into Wales recognising her heart, drawn irresistibly towards her.

The cry went out for Ireland to raise its voice once again, to present her self as a “Melchizedek” Nation of priest and kings. The cry from the platform went out in great authority and power Alleluia!Celtic Wild Women

The call to Wales to be a nation was represented by “Seraphim and not dragons” on the Welsh flag, was a very powerful message. 

Celtic Wild WomenFor us, this was the first ‘United Kingdom’ meeting of the wild Celtic Islands. It was a weighty meeting. None of us were there to bring a ‘nice message’. It was much bigger than that. It was a meeting of nations, trading together every-thing for intimacy with God and his blueprint and pattern for the Nations.

The spontaneous worship took us to incredible heights with people witnessing the Men in white linen, the cloud of witnesses as they seemed to move among us seeking out individuals.Celtic Wild Women

Kathryn Kuhlman was one of the cloud that was seen by many people in the Spirit. One lady saw Kathryn Kuhlman’s radiant shiny brightness as she looked deeply into the eyes of people. We believe that Kathryn came to release mantles, imparting nurturing healing into hearts that will be able to minister in a new out of the box way! As Kathryn chose to pay the price during her lifetime she chose to yield completely.  We are all  following in her footsteps and others like her who have trodden the Ancient Path before us. “Since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses… let us run the race!”

Celtic Wild WomenThe Presence –

Heaven turned up and more and more out of the cloud, Seraphim and other Angelic beings. Jesus and the Father graced us with their presence. It was just so incredible. I do not know how anyone could have left without being transformed. I know I certainly am.

People responded so honestly – their spirits were so transparent with their hunger to KNOW Him, that it often brought many of us to tears.Celtic Wild Women

Tent of David – the Ancient Paths, the Ancient doors, we walked through and enjoyed entering into the Tent of His Habitation – the cloud of His Glorious Presence.

We focused our eyes on Him as he sat as “LORD on His THRONE”  “God Inhabits the praises of His people” Psalm 24: 7 – 10 Lift up your heads, O gates; and be lifted up, O ancient doors; That the king of glory may come in.

Celtic Wild WomenThe Seraphim were seen many times. Their ministry is to bring the Government of God with holiness, purity, intertwining with wisdom and her hand maidens.

jane schroderIt was a privilege to host the conference with powerful women who have stood for their nations, stewarding and releasing destiny. It was a sign and a wonder.

Abundant Love
Jane Schroeder”

*Jane has her own ministry and Blog site – connect with her here 

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